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    3.55 and third party controllers help?

    I'm currently on 3.41 and i'm wondering if my third party controllers won't work if i update to 3.55?

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    Is Logitech rumblepad 2 joystick compatible with 3.5x firmware?

    Can someone who has is test is please, or if similar Logitech joysticks still work.


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    Oct 2010
    what controllers do you have? some work, some don't.

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    These are the two remotes i own 06346&si=HkWMZcCDfy3NsDgTCyN7tCsQIEg%253D&viewitem =&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT

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    I have a Chinese knockoff controller and it seems to work fine for me on 3.55 however 2 others that I bought about a year ago don't work.

    I would suggest staying away from 3.55 for now unless you can afford to replace the controllers if they don't work.

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    I have the same question. Does anyone know if the DreamGear Radium controller works on 3.55 ofw? Thanks.

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    Most likely your controller should work not many controllers have been knocked off. A logitech should work as its pretty much official fake controller for ps3.

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