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Thread: 3.55 OFW question help?

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    metalheavy Guest

    3.55 OFW question help?

    I was taking a peek into 3.55 Core_OS_Package and when I get into it I notice a lot of self files. So I went ahead and used the 3.41 SDK and used the command unself to "unself" the files into .elf format. Now in this .elf format do they need to be converted to anything else in order to be readable?

    I cannot seem to find anything on the net or anywhere for that matter of making these files readable or anything of the such which makes me think there may be an additional step involved in order to do so. Also is there any way of looking into or decrypting a .bin file other than EBOOT.BIN? Are there tools to do that as well?

    All help is appreciated guys. Thanks.

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    severusx Guest

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