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Thread: 3.55 multiman launch error help?

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    rocketsaint Guest

    3.55 multiman launch error help?

    Hi, i recently got my jailbreak updated from 3.41 to 3.55 and im using multiman now, saints row and crysis 2 that work fine, but when i downloaded games like portal 2 and starhawk and tried playing them, they wouldn't start. after i select it, multiman asks if I want to patch 'param.sfo' to '3.55' and i select yes and when i launch the games from the home screen, the screen goes black and comes back to the home screen and say launch or start error.. how can i get these games to work?

    i have bdemu installed already (the shop guy gave it to me).

    any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!

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    toxickid Guest
    3.55 is an older firmware, but it is also the only latest firmware that has been properly jail broken. Anything game that exceeds firmware 3.55 such as Portal 2 and Star Hawk among several new titles, dating back a good 9 months or so, all use firmware higher then 3.55

    Or wait until a new CFW comes our way. But that could be awhile. For now enjoy the older games, there are tons out for you to download.

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