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Thread: 3.5 to 3.41 downgrade issue help?

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    debo Guest

    3.5 to 3.41 downgrade issue help?


    I'm new to this forum so bare with me. I tried to downgrade my ps3 PAL slim 320 gb from 3.5 down to 3.41. using the eclips3 downgrader

    Got into service mode, copied files to a blank fat32 formated usb stick, plugged in, and everything seemd ok, except the console never turned off. I waited for about 1 hour, then turned it of myself.

    Now when l start it , it's on for 10 sec and turns of again. tried to get into recovery mode, no joy...?

    Note l found a log on the usb stick that said that the flash failed ( some sort of verification error) so the flash was incomplete... HELP!?

    Update, seems that l managed to get it to work, but had to reflash it with stock 3.5. Does that mean my ps3 can't be downgraded?!?

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    severusx Guest
    Why on earth would you want to downgrade? Just install 3.55 Kmeaw. No need to risk a brick to downgrade a console that doesn't need it.

    If you are looking for OtherOS support then check out the Linux Dualboot CFW here:

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    debo Guest
    Well to be honest l'm new to this concept, so downgrading is what l have been told to do. how do you change to the custom fw and what are the dangers? and what are the dangers?? Can l go back to stock later if needed?

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    severusx Guest
    It is much easier to do than downgrading. Download a CFW you like (I suggest Kmew 3.55) and install it just like any normal firmware update. There are no dangers as long as you stay off PSN, and yes you can revert to stock later if you like.

    Please check the CFW/MFW forum for more details and tutorials.

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    debo Guest
    What are the main advantages of CFW's ?? Do I have to do something extra after update to a CFW, with respect to playing bc games?

    Like do I have to have a special usb stick plugged in while playing etc?

    btw best backup manager. And the best way to transfere files in and out of the ps (don't want all my backups on the ps all the time)

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