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Thread: 3.42 for MOH: Tier One Problem help?

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    Mantagtj Guest

    3.42 for MOH: Tier One Problem help?

    This has just been released on Usenet not long ago, are we gonna work hard to find a workaround?

    Does it have a check in the eboot??

    Lets put our ole heads together on this one guys..

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    modmate Guest
    Well, i got my Uncut edition copy today in the mail and tried everything i know so far. Edit Param.sfo ,backup with OM , Use other update file... and so on.

    Only thing i did not try is the new Jailbreak BM, could be worth a try to get rid of that anoying 80010019 error after param editing. Anyway im sure there will be a solution for this game soon. Its a Blockbuster so we just have to be a little patient, even if its hard to be...

    Greets Modmate

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    syphonlord Guest
    would love to play this game, but haven't got a clue about beating the firmware check, this is gonna be a test.

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    modmate Guest
    That's it. where to start / look first. If its also up to the eboot.bin it could take some time i guess.


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