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Thread: 3.41 / 3.50 Spoof (new game problems) help?

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    lmd090 Guest

    3.41 / 3.50 Spoof (new game problems) help?

    Hi all,

    I'm running the new updated mHEX FW 1.7 Spoof on my ps3break v.1.1 and i'm having some problems... From what i've read so are other users.

    First off, has any one found a way around this black screen stuff? Or any ideas?
    A update would work real nice! lol (but i'll wait if I really have to )

    Anyway, when I load eveything up and go in to the manager and try to back up a NEW game... it won't launch the game.
    It just goes to a black screen and freezes. You gotta unplug the ps3 and reboot. I've tried it many ways, with and without the disc and still no luck. BTW... Im trying to get NFS Hot Pursuit to launch. (ya I know lol)

    Medal of Honor does the same thing except it doesnt freeze it just goes to a black screen. You can still push the ps button and quit. But if you try to launch MOH from manager with the disc IN the ps3 it works. You just CAN'T play it without the disc.

    There both new games but for some reason MOH works and NFS HP doesn't.

    Thanks for any help and/or ideas.

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    tigereye Guest
    the answer is simple if you see the latest news on site then you know that NFS Hot Pursuit doesn't work yet.. everyone include me are waiting for fix...

    as much i know MOH doesn't work without disk its only work with Disk.

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