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    Red Face 3.21 Firmware uninstall or revert back?


    I just got my first ps3 yesterday. I got it used off a guy on craigslist. He erased all the information from it saved games and settings, ect.. So when it started up i thought i needed to take the update because i didn't netflix on it anymore.

    Now I'm bummed because I learned that all i needed was to go on netflix and order some dvd from them for the ps3. Now I want to monkey around with linux and other features which i guess this firmware disables. Is there a way to revert back to an older firmware? If so i would appreciate any info. I don't play games online so being part of the online ps3 network doesn't matter to me.


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    Alas no, there is no way currently to fully roll back the firmware on a retail system. Your best bet is to either wait, or try to get another system, and sell your current one (or perhaps swap it at a local game shop).

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    Man what a bummer. I guess I will stick with it for now and hopefully there is a way to go back in the future.

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    i'm just curious, when geohot's 3.21 firmware comes out, would it be possible to "sidegrade" to it? that is, reinstall the same version firmware, only this time it's not the official but geohots ver. that way the poor souls who upgraded can get their "other os" support back?

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    There is an option in the recovery to reinstall firmware so I guess its possible but as the CFW isn't released we cant try it yet.

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    An official method of downgrading would be a nice 'reach-around' from Sony, to those of us whose kids installed the fw update for us!

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    i think sony don't want to say such a method. i think they want to block slowly the ps3 so we cant hack it! if you smart don't update!!

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    There is a rumour out there that EgoHot has not released the CFW yet because he is looking into reinstating the OtherOS for those with kids who upgraded without their parents' written concent LOL. There is a slim possibility that the firmware he intends to release might even give OtherOS to slim users... wait and see.

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    I hope he is testing it good and makes sure that Sony can't detect us with a simple search.

    Sony said that we won't be able to play new games online without 3.21, but it should work with 3.15 + proxy, right? Because I really want to play Red Dead Redemption when it comes out...

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    I'm just wondering if this will work as a downgrader.

    What if you pull out the HDD and format it completely. Then put it back in, and when it asks you to install the FW, with a 3.15 FW PUP on a USB, install using that?

    could that work? or am i being naive?

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