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Thread: 2 out of 3 PS3 games do not work help?

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    Znote4life Guest

    2 out of 3 PS3 games do not work help?

    Hi all.. I'm new at this jailbreak thing.. i just got my usb v1,2 a week ago. after a lot of trouble i finaly found out how to jailbreak and install backupmanager but.. I have copied 3 games down on the hd.

    call of duty 4 modern warfare
    Fifa 11
    grand turismo (not the newest version, but the last one)

    the only game that worked afterwards was fifa 11 (the newest game) When loading call of duty i get a quick picture and then the playstation freeze with a black screen. grand turismo write an eror code.

    is there something i have missed that need to be installed or??

    hope you are able to help med.. thanks

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    severusx Guest
    Please provide more information.

    PS3 Firmware Version:
    Backup Manager Version:

    GT5:Prologue will play without any special modifications, but GT5 will not play under any conditions currently. Modern Warfare is listed on the Compatibility List as a no go as well. You can check any game's compatibility here:

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    moja Guest
    Do you have an original bluray game in the drive? Some games need this to load. Also, which payload are you using?

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    Znote4life Guest
    I have Firmware v3.41, i have tried with both open manager 1.161b and 2.01c.. it is GT5 : Prologue

    i have tried with an original game in the ps3 but GT5 didn't work. i'm not sure what a payload is.. but if it is the usb i'm using one from ps3break v.1.2

    can you list up the things i need to install if it is not enough with these?

    Firmware v.3.41
    open manager v. 2.01c

    because then i think i wil try with some more games before bothering you again

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    Znote4life Guest
    thanks all.. for your help.. you have helped med a lot

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