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Thread: 2 External PS3 USB HDD Issues please help?

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    YOYOd Guest

    Question 2 External PS3 USB HDD Issues please help?


    I've been out of the CFW scene for some time now but have been following all the changes/advancements. I recently upgraded my console from 3.55 KMEAW to 4.46.1 REX Rebug & a CHECH PS3 (2 USB ports).

    Everything seems to be working fine. However, I have 2 external HDD WD Elements 3TB both have their own power supply cords and I use them threw my PS3's USB ports. I made 2 partitions so my PS3 would be able to read them and it does but when I launch a backup threw MM I get black screen or it returns me to the XMB.

    So I tried some stuff like the BD Mirror Reset, Uninstalled MM and re-install. Finally I unplugged one of my External USB HDD from the PS3's USB port and Voila, all my backups run perfectly.

    I still would like both USB HDD to be plugged in the 2 front USB ports though and for everything to be working still. Does anybody know what causes this conflict could it be something in MM maybe the USB Bus option?

    Thanks so much for your knowledge.

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    Liongooder Guest
    I'd say you have a PS3 slim, plugging both Ext HDD's will make them dysfunction, because PS3 Slim has a weak power supply that it wouldn't power up the WD my passport old model, your solution is to use a [USB Hub with a power supply] & try not to plug & unplug Hdds from the PS3 too much as it wears out the USB slots with time.

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    niwakun Guest
    That's normal.

    Any CFW that is above 3.55 does have a issue regarding multiple USB plugged in at the same time, its very dodgy, some games works, some of them works but gets a trophy error when run. most of them are black screen. To fix it, well just plug-in a single USB HDD on your PS3 when selecting the game in multiman, so yeah, deal with it.

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    zazoon Guest
    Probably power problem ! Because 2 64gb stick work ok , and stick & hd also work ok !

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    dyceast Guest
    I remember DeanK said something about this, and was a ps3 issue not software, but didnt take much notice since i only use 1 HDD

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    StevenTj Guest
    Yes pal, 2 USB device in one time on your PS3, mM will reseting your usb device once you load game from mM, but dont worry thats pretty normal.

    And also WD elements have some issue with compatibility on PS3 (as i know).

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    YOYOd Guest
    Thank you everybody for your replies. Much appreciated.

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