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Thread: 19 Wire Hardware Mod

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    ChrisWAFC Guest

    Question 19 Wire Hardware Mod

    Just seen this in the comments.

    I mentioned this in another post but.. it's a known fact a few groups already have PS3 back-ups running via Blu-ray disc using a hardware mod (~19 wires if I recall correctly) but the downside is you need a Blu-ray burner and pricy Blu-ray media as they won't currently work via DVD media or rips.

    The dev kit leak is only useful for reversing some of the tools in it and 'booksmart' knowledge of the way the PS3 works, but without a PS3 Dev unit it won't help most hackers out there by itself.

    Gotta have faith, without that.. may as well sell your PS3 (or stick to playing retail games!)
    Has anymore information been released on how this is done and does it work with all the games ?

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    I haven't seen anything more on it yet, from what I have heard two different groups have a PS3 hardware drivemod installed already- one was supposed to launch last week but didn't (go figure) and the other is trying to get it down to 10 wires before they launch. One group claims to have some games working off BDR (and I think RW, which is handy to save testing costs) and the other gets games to boot but when they run they crash.

    So I'd consider all this the very early phases and mainly just wait for more news to surface as things progress.

    Oh, and out of curiousity.. how many would actually do the following?

    1) Install a hardware mod in their new $400-600+ PS3
    2) Buy a Blu-ray burner (few hundred bucks)
    3) Pay for expensive Blu-ray blanks to burn PS3 games on

    I guess if one already owned a Blu-ray burner + discs it may not be too bad, but definitely not as convenient as running games from a HDD etc

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    ChrisWAFC Guest
    Thanks for the info but i got be honest i would do it

    275.00 for the burner and 10.00 a disc.

    In the UK the games are 40-50 a game so it would pay for its self in 6-7 games and then games would only be 10.00

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    fcr Guest
    thanks for the news !! it' s a great info , i love modchip

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    ana3zoz Guest
    we hope to see it very soon..

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    foss Guest
    at this point i wouldn't do it because i wouldn't want to solder anything on to my ps3. also, most likely this would not let you play online etc etc which for the last generation wasn't that big of a deal, but it's pretty important this generation.

    if there was a software/bios mod, i would definitely try that however. playing from the hdd would also make it worthwhile.

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