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    xReg Plus v1.0 Arrives, Obtain PS3 DLC Downloadable Content

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    Today Cyberskunk of the Rebug Team has released xReg Plus v1.0, which allows users to obtain legal PS3 DLC downloadable content.

    Download: xReg Plus v1.0 for PS3

    To quote: DISCLAMER : This software can be used to enable LEGALLY obtained DLC (downloaded content) if your console has become deactivated.

    It contains NO ‘Official SCE’ code and was made using open source SDK psl1ght. The responsibility IS on the end-user to use this software in accordance with his/her own country’s/region’s copyright laws.

    xReg Plus is a simple app that will allow you to backup and restore your xRegistry.sys file to/from USB. Good for instantly restoring your settings and access to your save data again after a Service Mode install.

    1: Press SELECT to BACKUP xRegistry.sys to root of USB000

    2: Press START to RESTORE xRegistry.sys from root of USB000

    Also includes Activation Reviver.

    You must have a backup of your act.dat file and the exdata folder must already exist in dev_hdd0/home/00000001/ (Currently that is the only address it copies to).

    How it works..

    1: Place act.dat onto root of USB stick and place in USB000 (slot furthest right)

    2: Press CIRCLE to TRANSFER act.dat to xReg Plus (XREG00001/USRDIR) from USB

    3: Press CROSS to RESTORE act.dat to PS3 exdata directory

    Once this is done you only have to use step 3 each time you reboot and want to play DLC.

    Enjoy.. Cyberskunk

    Big thanks to jjolanofor helping with the XMB Selector for the upcoming Rebug release which this is based off

    xReg Plus v1.0 Arrives, Obtain PS3 DLC Downloadable Content

    xReg Plus v1.0 Arrives, Obtain PS3 DLC Downloadable Content

    xReg Plus v1.0 Arrives, Obtain PS3 DLC Downloadable Content

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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    Thanks for the news evilsperm, moved to the main page now and +Rep!

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    Now this is something big, I guess people will figure it out if they read it.

    another awesome job by Cyberskunk

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    Before someone asks stupid question, this doesn't let you use pirated DLCs since it doesn't break the NPDRM, all it does is back up your own stuff. Useless to all those that want to pirate DLCs.

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    I'm so freaking confused and nubbin out right now. I was under the impression you could back up your DLC already

    Your blowing my mind dude stop it

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    this is just a simple tool so you don't have to keep loading file managers. Its a one click solution to make it very easy for anyone. Now what you really want to be on the look out for is the next set of tools that we will be dropping very soon

    just finishing up some tweaks on the site

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    good job man, all I can do to help is graphics... so if you need some, let me know.

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    I hope those tools are either a valid way of getting on PSN, a PS Store via PC where you can download the PS3 tagged files or a NPDRM decrypter...

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    this is great.. thank you so much , and for all the wonderful tools.

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    actually, automatic act.dat copying should be integrated into backup manager which should do this at loading... Too bad, MultiMAN developer ignores this request


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