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Thread: Xorloser on PS3 Custom Firmware and 3.50 x3Max JailBreak

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    CJPC Guest

    Xorloser on PS3 Custom Firmware and 3.50 x3Max JailBreak

    Recently we reported on a 3.50 Firmware JailBroken PS3 x3Max video, and today PS3 developer xorloser has commented on the hack, as well as explaining why obtaining the hmac key for PlayStation 3 PUP files will not lead to PS3 Custom Firmware.

    To quote from his blog, linked above:

    "the hmac key for PUPs doesnt magically allow custom firmware. this is because all of the files that make up the PUP are signed anyway, so you cannot make custom versions of any of those files because you cannot sign them.

    as for x3max supposedly working on v3.50, i call fake."

    [imglink=|Xorloser on PS3 Custom Firmware and 3.50 x3Max JailBreak][/imglink]
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    Apr 2005
    And there you have it I suppose, as I can't recall the last time I read xorloser being incorrect on anything development-related.

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    Jes03 Guest
    I said it was probably a fake when I posted the video link. Its way to easy to make fake videos of anything these days and too many people ARE making fake videos.

    I think we should NOT rely on videos anymore.

    I will no longer link or post videos unless I've actually seen it in person working and have the software/hardware to prove it.

    Why do people waste their time making fake videos in the first place? All they are doing is making a bad name for themselves so why do it?

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    I think I can answer that question in this case... it was likely so x3Max could get some free publicity, assuming xorloser is correct, which I'd say odds are he is.

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    silencephaze Guest
    Hope this custom firmware is true and leads to future working custom firmwares like the psp has!

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    evilak Guest
    He said, it's not possible and you say hope it's true

    Nevertheless X3Max was obviously fake and they are some thieves if you ask me.

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    semitope Guest
    no 3.50 jailbreak? NOooOOooO!!!!

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    A comment from graf_chokolo on this as well:
    xorloser is right guys regarding 3.50 JB Either it’s fake or they have stolen some stuff from $ONY Or no, not again. It’s no fun to “reverse” things by stealing them from $ONY Too easy if you ask me and where is the fun ???

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    tilla Guest
    xorloser says a lot of things and they aren't always true We'll wait until some people can confirm with the devices such as e3card etc

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    semitope Guest
    thought graf wasn't commenting on xors blog anymore. From some other forum thread..

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