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Thread: XDev's Launcher v1.6 and PS3AIO Launcher v1.8 for PS3 Arrives

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    XDev's Launcher v1.6 and PS3AIO Launcher v1.8 for PS3 Arrives

    This weekend XDev has released what he calls XDev's Launcher v1.6 followed by PS3AIO Launcher v1.8 homebrew applications for PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) fans.

    Download: XDev's Launcher v1.6 / PS3AIO Launcher v1.8

    Upcoming Updates:

    - PS3 Comment Editor
    - Direct FTP to Directory of mecomment
    - Better Layout
    - And automatic Application Updater that checks the applications version before starting
    - Easier Updatable Downloads
    - More

    Tell me what you guys want, and I'll make it happen. When a new update comes out... It will say when you start the program NEW UPDATE. Click ok, and then Click UPDATE button in the MAIN Tab.

    1.6.0 ChangeLog:

    - Added Update Checker at Startup
    - Added New Update Button.
    - Fixed Issue with previous installed Versions not being able to Update.
    - Update to 1.60 and it will install!!
    - Fixed other crap, you know

    Update: Ok I just recently created a program that will pretty much be like a all in one (AIO)

    I will be updating this program constantly and will update even minor updates with major. You can tell by the version. Please, don't flame, I'm just trying to do my part and my time into the community and what help I can do for those that use my program for what ever reason.

    This is a work in progress, and ill post updates as they come. I will update this program alot with new downloads / features!

    Remeber, this is just a limited Beta release. And I don't think it will every be full cause I plan to continue to update this application with the latest and best features. Please also, recommend me something to add to the program.


    1. Download & Extract the Folder
    2. Should see like 4 files. Run the setup.exe
    3. Let it install, and then that's it.

    You should see a Shortcut on your desktop and the program should also be on your startup menu / application menu.

    Update Instructions:

    1. Uninstall the last version the whole program via your computers uninstall program
    2. Extract Updated Files / Folder
    3. Run Setup.exe

    And you're done. If its not, and or you find some problems please pm me what they are and I'll fix it. Thanks. Updates coming soon.

    [imglink=|XDev's Launcher v1.6 and PS3AIO Launcher v1.8 for PS3 Arrives][/imglink]
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    denunes Guest
    nicely done. good work!

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    shummyr Guest
    looks and works good, can't wait to see what he will do with future releases.

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    XDev Guest
    I plan to release another update soon.

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