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    NinjaOptimus Guest

    x3JailBreak Shipping Tomorrow, Online Verification for Updates

    A few days back we saw the x3JailBreak PS JailBreak clone in action, and today the PS3 modchip's official site (linked above) is updated stating that shipping will begin tomorrow and there will be an online verification for updates.

    They've listed a number of new features, including account based updates (after verification, so clones don't get access to updates),
    future expansion promise.

    Realizing the existence of much cheaper homebrew hardware options, they're saying their hardwre is competitively priced to those (teensy++ etc).

    Here's their update with the list of features, to quote:

    - X3JailBreak will start shipping the 100 samples, starting 2moro(today ;p) (sep 3rd to sep 6th).
    - Future updates will need a per user-copy basis (to make clones fail to get the updates ;p, which might get circumvented by open source hack methods anyway)
    - X3jailbreak.com will be shipping our samples out to 100 selected requests starting Sept 3rd-Sept 6th and x3jailbreak are now taking pre-orders which will start shipping by the end of next week (Sept 10th-13th). Feel free to submit your pre-orders today.
    - Our goal at x3jailbreak was to provide you as customers a powerful, quality and low cost solution.
    - Even with recent events you will still be able to purchase our x3jailbreak for lower then any other device available including new homebrew devices suggested online.
    - You will receive a quality dongle that is completely functioning and ready to use as soon as it arrives.
    - Our X3jailbreak features include the following:

    1) Larger case for ease of use and less change of misplacing or losing your dongle.
    2) More Powerful (competition using 8 bit processor compared to x3 is using a 32 bit operating processor)
    3) Hardware USB compared to where PSJ is software emulated
    4) As updates become available x3jailbreak is easily upgradable.
    5) Expansion ports for upcoming features/add-on

    - Your X3 will come with a serial number to use online to verify proof that your x3jailbreak is authentic and also you will be able to use your serial number to access the download area when new updates become available.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    righi Guest
    at this price? I'll pass..

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    silentcircuit Guest
    I thought they were lowering the price to stay competitive with Teensy board based PSGroove and similar? That's what I just read above, or maybe I misunderstood.

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    play1962 Guest
    Where are you guys seeing the price? How can I pre-order?

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    silentcircuit Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by play1962 View Post
    Where are you guys seeing the price? How can I pre-order?
    I didn't see the price, and I don't know where to preorder, I was just going by this statement in the original post:

    "- Even with recent events you will still be able to purchase our x3jailbreak for lower then any other device available including new homebrew devices suggested online."

    That would lead me to believe it should sell for less than $30, which is about what a Teensy will cost you, shipped within the US. Of course, they could be basing the statement on the now crazy inflated prices from eBay stores and the like, so who knows.

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    tjay17 Guest
    How much do these cost?

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    play1962 Guest
    Foundmy is taking pre-orders for $129.95... I'll wait... although I'm not sure if its by x3jailbreak.

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    silentcircuit Guest
    That's completely out of line with what has been said from the start. I saw several claims of under $40 a unit in bulk days ago, nowhere near $130 even at retail. Must be for something else, or a typo, or a lot has changed in a few days. They'll get no orders at that price.

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    Yngwiedis Guest
    Foundmy take pre orders for PS Jailbreak. Not X3Jailbreak. Don't you see the PS Jailbreak logo ?

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    Elixo Guest
    I read $50-$60. If $18 teensy are profitable, then $50-$60 is a killer mark up!

    More clones will come and price wars a bring these puppies under $40 in no time. You will have enough end users willing to pay a premium for clone that has a nice looking enclosure instead of these bare boards.

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