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    Apr 2005
    Probably to make their "feature list" seem longer.

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    nice! think i will buy one..

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    Apr 2010
    they have the absolute worst customer service. it's amazing how they can be so bad.


    SKG says (2:38 PM):
    *can i load psgroove onto it? says (2:38 PM):
    SKG says (2:38 PM):
    *hex files? says (2:38 PM):
    *no says (2:38 PM):
    *our own file
    SKG says (2:38 PM):
    *then how can i put psgroove says (2:38 PM):
    *all code are send later online says (2:38 PM):
    *not direct from our website
    SKG says (2:39 PM):
    *so only your psgroove mods says (2:39 PM):
    SKG says (2:39 PM):
    *why is this says (2:40 PM):
    *sorry more infos says (2:40 PM):
    *on monday says (2:40 PM):

    lmao ^

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