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Thread: x3JailBreak Shipping Tomorrow, Online Verification for Updates

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    Parodius420 Guest
    I'll wait a month until clones are out that do the same thing for $30.

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    Bishoff Guest
    Yea they are not competitively priced.. more like twice the amount for a Teensy++. I'd still take a Teensy which can run any code u want it to, unlike this that is locked in to dealer support... and if you guys know how the Wiikey team was with updates (lack of), that's another point to be aware of. End users we're left high and dry when the homebrew scene was allowing booting and update support of all the Big N's updates to kill them off.

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    richirichi Guest
    Better buy x3 one and buy teensy or build one from schematic ps3jailbreak. Then test which one better.

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    Yaddayadda Guest
    There is no need to test that; functionality is identical to the self-made ones that cost 18-24 USD. This is a rippoff, don't buy it. Those cloners don't deserve a single dime.

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    BwE Guest

    Getting a free x3jailbreak

    lol im getting a sample of the x3jailbreak next week (they say theyre sending it monday) - super mega unexciting ^_^

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    peshkohacka Guest


    This guys are just milking money from idiots, 32bit processor? for what simple emulation? and online verification?? like they even bother to actually write something.

    COME ON people this is just pathetic. Boycott this guys so the money they put into making this dongles hit their budget hard. Unless of course you really want to donate money to this guys.

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    Apr 2005


    Here is an update from their site ( for those curious, in summary x3JailBreak is now being called x3Max.
    First of all, we would like to say sorry for the lack of recent news and any delays of the X3 product. We have been, with the full team, very busy in the last 2 weeks. We have decided to make some nice improvements to the X3 product as we did not want to adress this market with a very common solution like everyone else has done already.

    We know that our competition is a main unique team that try to market a unique product under several brands. No innovations are in it. They are many different cheaply made PSJ clones.

    That being said we have decided to renamed our product that we have shipped sample of. We are naming this product X3 MAX.

    With the recent events taking place in the last couple of weeks, we have made some sharp choices in order to protect our resellers business. Our customer are free to buy, import in their home country and sell our solution, as our product is free of any hacking code or similar. Our customer buys hardware and sells hardware.

    It is up to the end-user, your final customer, to change his product into a very powerful tool that will let him enjoy full pleasure of unlocked PS3. We have written our own PC application for updating the X3 product.

    So, when anyone receives his X3 (Do Not expect to put in PS3 first), he will connect it to his PC thru the USB port and using the X3 Programming Tool, will update the X3. This update takes only about 5 seconds.

    We shipped a hundred samples out on September the 21st to testing teams all over the world. They are invited to test the product and then post their feedbacks and video demos online. Stay tuned over the internet, you will shortly start to hear about our realization.

    We are not releasing any software at this time. We plan to release both the PC application and any codes with an estimated release date of Monday September 27. The reason we have decided to do this is so that everyone that was shipped their sample will be able to all start using their devices on the same day.

    We look forward to hear all your feedback from everyone that will be receiving their samples.

    At this time we are in full production and we are in production with other PS3 products so Stay Tuned for more news in the next week!

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    BwE Guest
    they told me my sample would be here last week, they even said they sent it.

    i don't trust this company at all. useless! all of em! </3

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    Apr 2005
    CJPC got his today, but there really isn't a point to make a video on it now since we've posted both reviews and videos on it already proving that it works, etc.

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    BwE Guest
    why does every single clone always have this "feature"
    X3 Max disables forced software updates and will never brick your console. Supports all games.
    it's a total crock of crap they know it, we know it yet they keep saying it.

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