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Thread: x3JailBreak - The First PS JailBreak Clone Arrives for PS3!

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    x3JailBreak - The First PS JailBreak Clone Arrives for PS3!

    Yesterday we reported news that the official PS JailBreak site warned of clone PS3 modchips, and today it appears the first PSJailBreak clone has surfaced dubbed x3JailBreak.

    According to several IRC users who mailed them, x3JailBreak dongle clones will be selling beginning next week for $20-$40 each.

    While there aren't many other details available on the official site yet, below is a rough translation from French site Logic-Sunrise (linked above) on these new PS JailBreak PlayStation 3 modchip clones.

    To quote: "That is now three days since the announcement of the hack the PS3 has been proven to create excitement on the Web. When everyone realized that the long awaited hack console Nippon boiled down to a dongle with a USB output (at a price a bit high), the question on everyone's lips was 'is there an alternative ?, clones... like the linker?'

    The answer is do not wait and made positive, in fact already found on the Web advertisements for the first clones, it was still very little information on the selling price of these new jailbreak for PS3 or when they are available.

    What is certain is that for the moment, no team has revealed the list of components necessary for its implementation so that the most talented in electronic solders and can make their dongle HomeMade."

    [imglink=|x3JailBreak - The First PS JailBreak Clone Arrives for PS3!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|x3JailBreak - The First PS JailBreak Clone Arrives for PS3!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|x3JailBreak - The First PS JailBreak Clone Arrives for PS3!][/imglink]
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    semitope Guest

    x3JailBreak - The First PS JailBreak Clone Arrives for PS3!

    Looking forward to the clones. lol. or a way to turn a regular USB drive to a jig if possible. Could be just a special filesystem and file on there that the ps3 sees. Maybe... hopefully...

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    ekrboi Guest
    cheap clones will be nice but i think the easiest thing once the device is RE'd will be for someone to emulate the jig using a computer (laptop, netbook even) hooked up usb to usb with the PS3 that does the work of the chip on the PSJB..

    just my $.02

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I'd bet that some of the upcoming cheap knockoffs would be equal or higher quality than the original PoS these fiends are selling. It costs them 1/10th of a cent to make that trash and they warn of "knockoffs"? How shameless. That's not even considering that their originals are knockoffs anyway.

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    Kiriller Guest
    Clone or not, but stumbled across this piece, for 100$.

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    auronx Guest
    omg (i'm not saying its fake but) the fake testimonies would you beleive that a fat kid from london even 2 girlz have access to a loader and homebrew.

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    arakasi55 Guest
    Looks like the clones have begun!

    Not much to the site, so possibly fake but who knows..

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    tilla Guest
    Is it just me or does the x3 there look photoshopped. And why is it in an identical shipping case despite being a different chip? Something seems shady.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Another Clone -

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    sarusake Guest

    X3 Jailbreak seem legit

    Checked the properties of the pic and one of them says it was taken with a Olympus DC.

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