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    dragonsan Guest

    Lightbulb Would be a homebrew OS possible under game os?

    So my main idea is that, can anyone could make a working Operating system, to boot from the game os since the hack already allow us to run nearly anyting.

    Because the OtherOS had a lot of restrictions it was pretty much useless and slow, but if there would be a working fast operating system emulated completly, that would be awesome.

    Not just like linux because not everyone really familiar with it and has a lot of configuration stuff. But a windows like operating system would be like heaven for everyone.

    So homebrew making teams. Could anyone of u make an operating system for us ?


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    EiKii Guest
    ouch that sounds like something really hard to do hehe making a homebrew os, maybe with jailbreak in the future we will be able to have completely unlocked linux imo thats our best bet id say, or what does the devs think about this?

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    Transient Guest
    We can already run unsigned code and remount system paths, so if someone developed replacements of the right files, then why not? I'd say a Linux bootloader from GameOS is all but guaranteed. As for CFW, anything is possible.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    An unrestricted linux OS seems very likely, but as far as other operating systems like Windows, forget about it. Windows on PS3 will never happen.

    Windows is not designed to run on the Cell architecture. It is also a proprietary system.

    Your best hope is a more solid linux experience.

    EDIT: Well windows has been emulated from inside a linux install on the PS3, but it was so incredibly slow that it was useless to say the least.

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    JonahUK Guest
    What about something like SNEEK on the WII? I think that emulates a NAND from the SD Card.

    If that was possible, you could put new updates on a drive and use that too boot from.

    I may be talking out off my rear end here though!

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    EiKii Guest
    well thats what i ment, hopefully and its a big chance linux will be re introduced with cfw and all but its up to the future to tell and yes windows would really suck with the amount of ram lol,

    interesting future ahead of the ps3 homebrew scene imo!

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    dragonsan Guest
    as far as i remember Fixstar made Yellow Dog Linux for power pc architecture and they had their own installer for the ps3. So that could be a good start.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I hate to say it, but Mac OSX is probably an easy port... and by easy, I mean do-able.

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    dansbmx925 Guest
    i'm guessing yes, but its up to the skill of the dev that does it.

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    pip1 Guest
    As far as osx there would be no 3d driver, flex i/o driver, ide blueray driver (fat ps3's). before anyone mentions ibm's cell demo running osx, well who ever said the cell is running osx? That demo could have easily been rendered from a pci cell acceleration board in a normal ppc apple computer.

    No one wrote a 3d driver for linux until now so it probibly won't ever happen.

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