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    need Guest

    Post Working PS3 JailBreak Games List Without BD in Drive

    For all you people out there which do have a non-functioning BD-Drive in their Playstation and are reliefed by the release of jailbreak, we need a list with Games working without Disc in Drive.

    As soon as some people share their experiences with games i will merge it all into a list thats specifically for users without working BD-Drive. People with working BD-Drive that have some time could test their games without BD in Drive too, would be really helpful.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Writing it just like this would be perfect so i can easy add it to list.

    Game / (Rls Name)
    BCUS/BLES etc. code
    PS3 Version
    Used Payload / Used Hardware
    Used BackupManager (Gaia, OM2.1 etc.)

    I will start with a game that worked flawlessly for me from start to end. It is the only game i have tested so far but i will try to get my hands on some more games to test.

    PS3 Fat 60gig 4 USB Ports
    Hermes v4b / iPod Nano 1G /w Rockbox
    BM : Open Manager 2.1 ( OM2.1 )

    As soon as I gathered some more Games i will add them to a list which i plan to share online.

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    Warrorar Guest
    i dont think that we need another list for working games. just ask for adding a new slot onto the actually used list

    "works without bd" Yes/No.

    if for everything a list gets created, no one knows where to look for infos.


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    Mad Lion Guest
    Well if you are doing list of working and not working games without bluray: Call of Duty Black Ops is not working because you need one original game disc in bluray drive. (Obviously bl drive must work then)

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    need Guest
    Actually somebody submitted me this as working without Disc in Drive:

    Call of Duty : Black Obs
    PS3 Fat/ 500 GB
    Hermes V4b spoof 3.5 / OpenKubus
    Open Manager 2.1I-2

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Given that a lot of people running backups run into problems they can't solve and endlessly post about issues solved weeks before I guarantee any thread like this fills up with contradicting posts regarding compatibility in no time at all.

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    CJPC Guest
    Yeah, but two problems come of it, aside being yet another list to maintain - nobody would check it. People jump right to the "this game doesn't work - why?", plus the massive variety of payloads, sticks, and apps to launch the games.

    We have a "notes" section in our compatibility list, as Warrorar said, it can simply be added in there if the game works without disk in or not.

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    need Guest
    CJPC notes arent enough, people with dead drives cannot play any games other than these working without disc. They would need another Column for Disc y/n. I will get in contact with them.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    unfortunately not because if you have a broken drive it really depends on what's broken, not all broken drives behave the same and some systems with broken drives will be unable to play any games what so ever.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Also, for the handful of games that won't work without a disc in the drive it just isn't worth redoing the current setup and forcing submitters to include whether each game works without a disc or not.

    Most games are already reported and people won't bother resubmitting them all just for this, especially when the majority of users here have working drives... the rest can get their drives fixed, get a new PS3 entirely or simply read the notes.

    That said, we do have designated threads on which games won't work without a disc in the drive (for example, this very thread) if the broken drive folks wish to collaborate on them further.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Why don't we switch to a non-compatibility thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ja...st-116289.html

    The firmware is irrelevant at that point, and so is online. If online eventually becomes applicable another thread is made for "online non-compatibility list"

    If something changes then its removed from the list. Seems a lot simpler and to the point... the point people want to know, "How can I get this game to work?"

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