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    kratosjohn Guest

    Thumbs Up Working loading PS2 backups on PS3

    Finally got my project done, remember I was just rushing this together and wanted to test if it worked, this isn't my final work.

    Btw this is action replay I loaded as a backup.

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    Starlight Guest
    Looks good kratosjohn and nice job on it so far.

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    kratosjohn Guest
    Thank you, been a member here for some time and though hell why not post and hear what the community has to say, but tomorrow I will be going out for more supplies, better switches and cleaner method of having this boot games.

    Possible new video tomorrow.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I will +Rep ya for your efforts and sharing the video kratosjohn, but now I will beat someone else to stating the obvious hehe...

    It looks a lot like what was done in 2007 here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/playst...0-a-49057.html

    Still, props for taking the time to do something... so many here do nothing at all.

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    kratosjohn Guest
    Actually I did a kinda different method than the original guy and the others following his guide, I found that I can keep the auto load motor and still have the manual switch with only 1 3-way switch, he suggested we use a 3 way switch for manual loading and if we want to keep auto loading too we put in 2 2-way switches. I don't see why those switches are even needed now.

    Still not final, in the morning I will go shopping for a smaller/cuter switch to match the system

    I don't want to double post but this is kinda to bump my thread to show more progress, it's final and done now, pics will follow.

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    veggav Guest
    This is the best i've seen! What I wonderful work.

    Is it too hard for a common guy to do ? Do you think a tutorial would be possible ?

    And why the hech on earth would that not work on a ps3 backup ? It seems you take off the dvd without the ps3 be aware of it so... why would this not work with a ps3 backup ?

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    kratosjohn Guest
    Thanks, but yeah not many can afford a bluray drive to burn the games so no one really knows if it'll boot backups of Ps3 games yet, but I do see this as the method of loading them in the future.

    This is a very simple mod with a half-way decent tutorial that I went partially by, some was confusing to understand but I improvised at those points.

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