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Thread: Wipe History v2.0 and EraseMe v1.1 PS3 Homebrew Apps Arrive

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    NCSUfan Guest
    illegal to do an update without consent.. we may lose psn again but they wont magically update your system to newer FW... they will try and scare you into it, however at the end of the day you must click yes for it to happen.

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    tonybologna Guest
    You'd think Sony already implemented some type logging system soon after jailbreak was announced. They had no reason to do this in the past. Well, not for users with CFW but for other TOS matters.

    I believe something is coming from Sony. I don't know if it will be banning or just keep bringing out firmware updates. If they do/did have real-time logging enabled then there's possibly gonna be some very angry gamers in the near future.

    Especially for the ones that went on PSN with 3.41 jailbreak spoof for that short period of time. I don't believe Sony had anything implemented then because they did nothing about it except come out with new firmware. Maybe that's been their plan all along.

    BTW, these apps could be ruled useless possibly. There is another file on HDD that stores everything. It's need at startup everytime as well. Here's the path:


    It can be deleted but is needed. What we don't know is if this file is sent to Sony.

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    Zentsuken Guest
    Well said Tonybologna, We have NO idea what Sony is planning. But heck, I'm sure many of you would agree that if you were a huge corporation you would rather stay seated, quiet, and wait for more sheep to jump in, and try hopping online with this kind of stuff.

    Then BAM! I'll never forget the massive Microsoft banhammer. Gotta say that was a pretty wicked move though. Smashed over a million users like insects. (me included)

    It might not be instant, but you would have to be absurd to think Sony isn't thinking how they will battle this. They'd waste $1 billion to save $200 million.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    they can just silently change the PSN challenge logging in though, either sending a file list, checking memory offsets or even just checking where dev_bdvd is mounted and it wouldn't even take a firmware update unless they need to lift any restrictions to give it more access and any DBA or dev worth their salt could code that up in a few hours.

    They aren't checking the log files because the log files are all sent anonymously and it'd be against dpa to track it back to the PS3 which sent it.

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    RobotMenace Guest
    While I'm not going to slag this off, I haven't played with it, that statement alone should be enough to make ppl pause and think.

    It may be this simple, but I wouldn't rely on it until people have really dug into the whole system.

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    blazeking Guest
    We're not talking about xbox here now are we? No. We're talking about sony... "They will remain profitable no matter what they do!"

    They just recently became profitable. Majority of those who gave money to PSN have jailbroken their consoles and still pay for stuff on PSN. "You may have been born at night, but surely it wasn't last night" I was born in the morning, thank you.

    "As soon as the news hit the street that their PSN fortress was compromised they had a team of 6 figure salaried techs working on ways to stop it; and stop you from accessing it! Companies like $ony will spend 2 billion just to save 2 million."

    Wrong. They're worrying about BD games right now and how to secure them, PSN is still generating cash from those who have jailbroken and still have access to the store. For sony to cut them off even thought they are still generating income from said "hackers" would be a stupid move. Why do you think SCE has not pushed an update just to kick all jailbroken systems off of PSN?

    "Put the lighter down and step away from the bowl" I don't smoke weed. My name is derived from two names: Blaze (Fire) and King (of the jungle/ Lion). Don't put your foot in your mouth next time and try not to be so insulting. I didn't insult you or anybody else.

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    ShroomRaza Guest
    Blazeking my apologies if you took offense.. I wasn't trying to be insulting, just making a humorous point as my little laughing guy at the end should have told you. It's not my fault the word/name BlazeKing is synonymous with weed smoking, I could really care less if you do or not, it was just a joke making light of the matter. Like the "last night" thing. It's normally something one would say about themselves. If you had a better sense of humor, I wouldn't be explaining mine.

    Sure! Sony is worried about their BDs right now; but along with everything else as well, including their precious PSN. They don't want you to use any of their services unless it's exactly the way they want you to, regardless of the revenue they happen to making at this time. Have you read any of their EULA(s) lately? Just because they haven't started banning people yet, doesn't mean it won't start any day now and certainly not because their making a few bucks.

    Sony was born in 1945 right after WWII and went commercial in 1955 and is one of the top 5 media empires in the world with an annual income over 77 billion dollars. Their shares are currently worth 35 bucks a pop which is up 10 bucks from this time last year. Sure their worth more now than say 5 years ago, but that should be expected from any successful business, but to say they just now became profitable is absurd and has no factual backing what-so-ever.

    I'm not sure whose foot is in whose mouth but I don't believe it's mine. Everything I have said (in both posts) is true and based in fact, not rumors or opinions; no matter how popular they may be or believable they may sound.

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    blazeking Guest
    Lol, Blaze King is surgically attached to fireplaces

    Besides that: If sony wanted to protect PSN so much, they would have pushed a "security update" already. They're looking at their most profitable right now and it damn sure isn't PSN. They're coming up with a new strategy because the PSN excuse is tired now.

    They're definitely going to ban people who hack games if the glitch requires modification of code to do. They deserved to get banned from PSN altogether. After the OtherOS situation, Sony is playing it cool by not taking anything from anybody; as long as they're not messing up the experiences of others on PSN. They most definitely are not trying to touch people who are using custom firmware but still buying retail games and stuff from PSN. They will not make the mistake of stereotyping their fanbase again. They're stuck in a legal grey area.

    If anything, they'll look at your PSN log and see new game, new game, cfw, new game, new game, psn purchase, psn purchase and will have no clue as to how to handle you without it causing another massive media uproar. Straight to the bone pirates are the ones who are screwed and need to hide.

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    ShroomRaza Guest
    Agreed! I also believe their not sure exactly what or how to handle the landslide that's heading their direction.. or should I say on their doorstep!

    I also agree that their biggest concern are their pirated BDs and trying to get them locked up tight.

    All I can truly say is the door has been opened, good luck getting it back shut for too long at any one given time.

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    chomps268 Guest
    I tried downloading this, and I get this error:
    Compressed (Zipped) Folders

    Please insert the last disk of the Multi-Volume set and click OK to continue.
    What's up with that?

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