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    Jan 2011
    Does anyone have a guide on how to stealth a app anyways? Apart from helping us hide from Sony...

    I'd personally LOVE to be able to 'stamp' my own... renaming Gaia Manager or Open Manager to "Call of Duty 9: Space Warfare" would be alot of fun just to mess with my friends on PSN as they can see what app your running/game playing.

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    Yep - my original post is located here:

    It's a little outdated and I've learnt some new things - some of those 'ideas' are a little wrong - mainly the creation of the unique key [can't even remember the proper name for it lol]

    But the hex editing it what you'll need to do. Changing the Game ID is a fairy simply method and looks to be the best bit. The other copy of info is probably over kill, but I wanted to make sure that people were hidden from Sony.

    Using a PSN game or demo is best because they can be installed. As far as renaiming things - you can kinda do that - once you learn about the inner workings of a PKG file, you'll see images that could be replaced for your own. Just make sure that the Game ID is that off a game. The whole reason is to log that ID so that it looks legit and not LAUN12345

    Also note - the tutorial is old and Mods might not want it to be re-opened, so if anyone has any troubles they can contact me here or email, or open a page in the help section. Best of luck.

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    cool thanks man, will be reading over that tomorrow when I get some time!!

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    this looks awsome. i hope this hopes with the sony finding out issue.

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    Hi guys, I have tried this program but after that I tried to play Fallout New Vegas loaded from gaia manager and I showed this error: sSYSUtil_AutoSaveWarning: No Default String. Must be loaded from INIFile.

    What's happened? Can I fix it?


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    Maybe I've missed something, but how has the 3.41 been able to avoid having extra things showing up on their systems? And where does Sony store this information from millions of consoles all sending them their lists every time they turn their consoles on? I'd imagine that would be a huge amount of data.

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    Aw... if i knew this like 1 day earlier i would not have to erase my HDD and loose all my trophies :|

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    Does the list always contain 5 different IDs, or are they entered in ascending/descending chronological order? (Maybe lists sometimes contain the same game ID more than once?)

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    Hmzz just a random idea but lazy as I am (really I am ) couldn`t you contact dean to try and include this in one of the Managers or even better in the CFW!! people wouldn`t be able to forget it and U could leave auto login setting on...

    Just a thought anyway keep up the good work!!!

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    From what I understand, if there's an ethernet cable connected to the PS3, it will try to push the .dat's. You can check for activity in your router's status/log section. What I do on my D-Link 615 is block website activity to these sites and create a toggle for it on my access-permissions page. (toggle on for block / off for full PSN access)

    I've done this because I don't want Sony pushing an update to my console: > secondary update attempt (could force updates)

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