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    einzwei Guest

    Exclamation Why PS3 Backups don't work with backup managers on CFW

    Ok, current backup managers can not launch backups with geo jailbreaked fw. Why?

    1. If we can sign EBOOT.BIN with Geo tool it should be ok to launch, shouldn't it?

    2. Every EBOOT.BIN has some hardcoded paths to game data, but backup manager mounts HDD game dir as dev_bdvd, right?
    So this should be ok too...

    3. What do I miss if 1st and 2nd are still not enough for running backups?

    I expect some tehnical details here

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    nick999 Guest
    there is no peek and poke in the cfw which is needed to run backups (from managers). sony blocked this from working in the 3.55 update. so using lvl2 everytime the devs try this it reboots the ps3. they are now trying to go through lvl1 atm, so just be patient and wait.

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    rumblpak Guest
    Its not so much that backup managers need the syscalls for peek and poke, its that they use peek and poke to add other syscalls. The syscalls in question (35 and 36) have to be in lv2 and modifying lv2 will cause the ps3 to crash. The reason it works in 3.41 was because of the lack of protection against it.

    3.55 introduces the checksuming (of some kind we really aren't sure what they are doing) to lv2 at runtime and routinely checks to make sure that it remains the same. We need to find where this is being called and remove it obviously but that takes time. Also, since most modifications to lv2 crash a ps3 using peek and poke, the only way to do it is to modify it at runtime using a pup. But, using a pup brings in the risk of permanently bricking the ps3 so most don't want to go down that path.

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    einzwei Guest
    I know about these peek and poke syscalls. But technically why are they needed? In original jailbreak they weren't needed if I recall.. original JB allowed unsigned code to run and it was sufficient to use backups.

    Now we have cfw - which allows us easyly transfer packages to ps3 and we can sign .self files - which run ok.

    So, again, what's missing??

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    Krachwas Guest
    I think the word NP-DRM is the word I used the most the last posts from me

    But yea. You have to have the NP-DRM Keys to sign .pkg (.SELF) files. Thats the only difference between geohots, and the original FW.

    Geohot just disabled checking if its a valid NP-DRM file in the nas_plugin. So if we had the keys, we could sign packages (.SELF) for retail firmwares. But geohot is agains piracy, so he is not publishing them.

    hope that makes it clear for some guys.


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    SexyVampiire Guest
    I was curious about this too... I mean yeah I tried to install through the web browser and it didn't work, but surely there must be some kind of code to get around it since we DID forge the keys.

    And why doesn't any homebrew seem to work on kakaroto`s firmware? Geohots is the only i got them to work on.

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    Apatia Guest
    geohot won't be publishing the keys but the question is, is there someone who will one day or another when they figure it out?

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    Krachwas Guest
    Kakaroto's firmware is just adding "Install PKG" and the "APP_HOME" Symbols in XMB. Geohot is adding "Install PKG" and modifing the nas_plugin. He hasn't add the APP_Home Symbol to prevent privacy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Apatia View Post
    geohot won't be publishing the keys but the question is, is there someone who will one day or another when they figure it out?
    I think someone will probably. Maybe in some time some anonymous guys will post them

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    Darkzero51521 Guest
    Wow, i didn't even know that. I was about to upgrade my 3.41 to 3.55 ..

    In that case, what is the best firmware/payload combination right now? I'd like to make retail PKG's run, but i still don't know how.

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