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Thread: Who has a working infectus?

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    DeadlyFoez Guest
    Can someone post a link showing that it was actually sony that pressured the infectus team to shut down? Although, no one can ever under estimate Sony when they are willing to cripple their own device.

    I stopped buying sony products for that reason. I used to love sony, but time after time they have proven what kind of dickheads they really are.

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    joffe Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tragedy View Post
    This is the one I've got, mostly because it's pretty cheap:
    Thanks, I'll order one on monday. This fits perfect to mount a piggy back PCB containing a TSOP56 socket on it. I've already ordered sockets and empty S29GL flashes for experimenting, they should arrive the next 7 days.

    The missing 5V tolerance shouldn't be a problem since all PS3 flashes operate at 3.0V or 3.3V, only the HN58X serial EEPROM could be 5V supplied, I don't know yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by tragedy View Post
    There's also a built in USB-serial chip, so I was actually thinking the whole thing could be turned into a USB dongle + single wire connection to the PS3 for the geohot exploi where the exploit program tells the FPGA to pulse via the serial connection. It wouldn't even need a ground connection to motherboard as we would already have PS3's ground via the USB port.
    Couldn't imagine that the exploit still works in FWs >3.15, they probably hash HTAB now, just a guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by tragedy View Post
    Also, personally, I don't think there's all that much need for the onboard flash on the infectus, certainly not for a "simple" operation of just reading/writing flash and dumping it via the serial connection.
    Well, this could be interesting if it shows that it is possibe to run own PPE code on power-up boot, the flash could then contain a bootloader. This would require parallel address/data bus wiring and proper controlling of the chipselects.

    Quote Originally Posted by tragedy View Post
    Only problem I've found so far is that the programmer driver doesn't work with 64-bit windows, so I'm just waiting until I re-install 32-bit windows on a spare machine.
    Hehe, waiting on one self to get anything done is somewhat funny I have a running WinXP SP3 in vmware fusion and this works fine with USB/USB2 devices. So I hope connecting the LCSP to XP and the evalboard USB-UART to a VM running linux for FLASH reading/writing will work

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    usagiuke Guest

    Red Face :)

    I'm glad i read this. i was just about to order one to get my OtherOS back. >.<

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    dijitalxyz Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by joffe View Post
    Can you provide a link to the evaluation board?

    So it's even worse than i thought. However with the infectus circuit diagram you could do proper wiring to the FLASHes, but you would have to exchange the A3P060 with a brand new device since once an encryption key is programmed for the device, it can never be reset to an empty factory one.

    I'll try to hook up an own circuit with a PIC18F4550 that I've flying around here supported by some data latches to build the address bus.
    maybe we can use this SUB-20 Multi Interface USB Adapter?

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    joffe Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by dijitalxyz View Post
    maybe we can use this SUB-20 Multi Interface USB Adapter?
    Mhhh, I don't think so. The GP usage is somewhat restricted and one I2C and SPI with poor accessability via blackboxed drivers might be a pain in the ass.

    I've chosen this one:

    this is basically same hardware of Infectus and you have a lot of capabilites for wire tapping buses, generate short signals for the exploit etc.

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    dijitalxyz Guest
    Hi again,

    I have Infectus but it doesn't work anytime. It's read only 1 bank of flash and I don't know why this is.

    I connect Infectus 4 or 5 times and doesn't work and now it says end of life.

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    joffe Guest
    That is strange because the AGLN-Z-NANO-KIT ($49) isn't that old. Also on Actel's site there is no hint that it is discontinued

    Furthermore they announce AGLN-NANO-KIT for Q3/2010 ($99). Maybe that ist going to superseed the -Z kit. As long as this is on stock it is a bargain to grab the kit for $49 in my oppinion. Otherwise the $99 kit or the $149 ICICLE kit is a bit too expensive.

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    Siggy12 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DeadlyFoez View Post
    I stopped buying sony products for that reason. I used to love sony, but time after time they have proven what kind of dickheads they really are.
    {erfectly agree DeadlyFoez. What a Saints words, I buy a lot of tools from SONY, Notebook , MICRO PC , ALL Playstation, digital camera, but they are change their mind and I'm tired too to stay back to them.

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    hedak Guest
    Hi friends,

    since many weeks i tried to read the flash of my PS3 NAND with v3.15. I bought an Infectus2, but didn't get it working. Although i got all pins connected to the NAND(s) the Infectus2 never recognized the PS3 NAND...

    I even got two shortcuts at the NANDs which broke the firmware. But the recovery menu was still working so i could write it propper again. The shortcut resulted in a non-bootable PS3, which blinked yellow a few times and then turned off.

    Just an info! If anyone has detailed questions (on how i failed ) just ask me.

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