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Thread: When will the ps3 be hacked?

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    emreonal69 Guest

    When will the ps3 be hacked?

    İs there anybody who has got information about how much time left PS3 hack?

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    freakchopsuey Guest


    I don't think somebody knows something about that, but I do know they are constantly finding vulnerabilities so I'm sure someone will make it public when they are totally sure the firmware upgrades wont up the hack..

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    scswinter Guest


    I think that paradox are making a isoloader, but I do not know for sure...

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    baddark Guest

    Unsigned code has already been launched on the PS3 (I do not know what game), the problem now is ISO loader, the blue-ray technology is new development level is unknown and therefore it will take some time to discover the various checks between the PS3 and the original blue-ray.

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    jevolution Guest
    i haven't heard any ps3 updates for a while in terms of hacking, even if they can't release anything, i'd be more than happy for some positive feedback or something. I've heard rumors about and iso loader for christmas, although i'm really interested in homebrew, but these rumors existed last year as well lol

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    bobodoe Guest
    it has too many layers of security to be hacked so soon.

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    jevolution Guest
    its just kinda frustrating to see most of the news from like 3+ months ago and nothing all that recent.
    a heads up on whether they're making progress or they're stomped would be cool.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Even though I dont know the date that you are looking for on when the ps3 will finally be cracked I can tell you the ps3 doesnt need to be hacked right now. If you are looking for piracy sell your ps3 (im supposing thats why you are asking because you have a ps3 and you dont have an xbox) and buy an xbox360 and pirate your soul away.

    We really dont need hacking that badly because most users back in the xbox days wanted a hack to play their media files in their xbox but now a days the ps3 can play music, photos and divx and xvid, sure you cant play those hd .mkvs but most of the media center capabilities are there at least 80% of them. Sure the xbmc is way better than any media center even apples front row so nothing really compares to that but lets get real homebrew right now would be used for piracy like illegal emulators, iso loaders and what not and very little actual homebrew that may actually give more fuctionality to our machines.

    Have you seen how many things sony actually let us do with the ps3, we can install linux, use it as a media center, backward compatibility, a store with lots of freebies and dont forget the constant firmware upgrades that only bring us user more functionality. So even though a hack would be nice to play around sony is really giving out a great experience for us gamers, even psn is free.

    So if you are in for piracy you better sell your ps3 and get an xbox the lastest firmware for the liteon dvd drive is out so go grab a 200 dlls xbox and be happy.

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    jevolution Guest
    lol some of us actually recognise the potential of homebrew.

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    Dtecneon Guest
    i want to know how to hack the brick system. i love to figure it out.

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