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    Quote Originally Posted by jevolution View Post
    CJPC: not sure if u were referring to my post with the comment about the hypervisor... yep i know what u said is true, i just expressed myself very badly, i'm surprised u took the time to read that post though lol.
    I was, and yes, I did take the time to read your post.

    I know what you mean, the global "beat the hypervisor", although it will probably end up being easier to work within it vs circumvent it (in the longrun, that is) as we will not have to redo well, just about everything!

    In regards to copying a BD, it depends. Easiest way that I've found, using a TEST you can essentially copy the disk's file structure right to a PC, patch the executables, then remaster and reburn usually to a DVD/DVD-DL, or by other means!

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    maybe if they could just open the homebrew world with the ps3..

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    ps3 hack

    i do hope it happens soon!

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    it takes a while for hacker to find the right holes.

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    it won't be hacked soon

    it won't be hacked soon, well people like cjpc are the guys to tell you that, but let's not harass them. I wish it was hacked even if sony is treating it's users good in their financial crisis. But thing is, linux is not user friendly and a lot of things on the ps3 stay's slow compared to the 360 and even tho the cell processor is just starting to show, a lot of things still need to be done, face it, sony needs help on that and even tho developers will get less money from us pirating, the ps3 sells will make a small boom(hopefully) and thus helping them get some extra content.

    Briefly: when a console is hacked mostly game developers suffer the consequences. (even if sony does make some games)

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    meh, it will be soon I think..

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    I think that there is a long time until we see a retail PS3 runing backups... It's somehow possible on Debug/Test units, but they're way more open than the retail units. I think that the more reasonable way to run backups is some tool that turns Retail Units into Test Units. Hacking the hypervisor will be truly hard.

    I just wish that Sony opens GPU access to Linux.... That would be real nice.

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    i believe it will not be hacked unless Sony let us.
    or a ps3 Dev give us a christmas gift

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    Just give it some time, i think.

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    I think 2~3 Month's.

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