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Thread: When will the ps3 be hacked?

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
    Have you seen how many things sony actually let us do with the ps3, we can install linux, use it as a media center, backward compatibility, a store with lots of freebies and dont forget the constant firmware upgrades that only bring us user more functionality. So even though a hack would be nice to play around sony is really giving out a great experience for us gamers, even psn is free.
    Adrian, you make a valid point. A hack would be great, but the PS3 offers so much already that it has turned off many people to try to hack the system, since it can do just about everything already!

    And yes, the DEV's are still at work, although at a slower pace as of recent, with the holidays and all, they have real lives too! We have been looking very specifically into some "leftover" areas of the hardware, however there is yet nothing to report. As everyone knows, the security system is quite tight, even during initial manufacturing keys are exchanged and stored with every PS3 and Sony server's. Needless to say, the chain of trust is quite strong, the security team deserves a bonus!

    We could post weekly saying there is no news, but that seems like quite a waste, don't want to get anyone's hopes up when there RSS reader shows a new PS3News DEV post, and it just says "nothing new to report".

    Hopefully the new year will lead to some new interesting developments!

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    jevolution Guest
    thank you for the report... even though it wasn't big news... atleast i know where everything stands now (recently got a ps3 so wasn't following up all the time, though i did a decent amount of reading to kinda figure things out)

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    tosketa Guest
    i hope soon.. come on man! i'm from Brazil and here the game is more than U$ 150,00 !!

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jevolution View Post
    lol some of us actually recognise the potential of homebrew.
    Yeah? Can you name 5 things homebrew can bring to the table that is not a given with the ps3 that are not illegal? Because so far you got a web browser, psn to game online, linux, media center, bluray and dvd playback, backward compatibility for ps1 and ps2 (some). I just cant imagine what you want homebrew other than piracy but go ahead name 5 things.

    And please dont come up with things like a better media center get over it we have one, not the best not the worst, also let me know what are you doing to make homebrew possible.

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    bernd111 Guest
    An easy way to to create games that could be launched via xmb. I've seen some attempts to use the otheros for this, but rebooting the system for one or two games isn't a very user friendly way.

    The use of BD-Java was a good start and it would be a nice way to bring you own games to the ps3.

    To sum it up: something similar to XNA (not sure if this was the name) on XBox would be nice.

    You could also make it possible to include this into PSN in a separate category. This could be extended to be similar to the Apple AppStore with authorizations by Sony to prevent emulators from being published.

    A simple java vm with acceleration and controller input would be enough

    If Sony could make this available homebrew would be completely unnecessary in my opinion.

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    niti13 Guest


    I dont think the ps3 will be that easy to hack like the psp for example

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    rob3307 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by niti13 View Post
    I dont think the ps3 will be that easy to hack like the psp for example
    psp was probably child's play compared to the ps3

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob3307 View Post
    psp was probably child's play compared to the ps3
    The video here explains how the PSP was unlocked to run unsigned code:

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    kudeiro Guest
    When Xbox 360 sales go up and PS3 sales go down..

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    The video here explains how the PSP was unlocked to run unsigned code:
    The interesting part about the PSP that many forget is that 1.00 allowed for unsigned code to be executed by default, there was no "hack", and gave everyone a way in.

    Don't get me wrong, later FW's were tighter, but once you have a crack in the wall, its much easier to drive a wedge!

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