Welcome to the PS3 JailBreak Forum everyone!

Several Moderators and members let us know they are seeking a place for general chit-chat about PS3 JailBreak topics and so this section will now be used for these casual discussions.

Here are some things Registered Users can start your own thread to chat about sharing feedback, thoughts and opinions with others:
  • PS3 JailBreak store-bought devices you would or wouldn't recommend.
  • PSFreedom, PSGroove and DIY device solutions you like or don't the most.
  • PS3 Open Backup Managers you've tried and like best or least.
  • Personal PS3 JailBreak related reviews (some we may add to our news).
  • PS3 JailBreak game-related topics (compatibility issues, downsampling/ripping out files, exploits, hacks, swapping EBOOTs, etc).
  • Anything you feel like chatting about that has to do with PS3 JailBreak and isn't PS3 Help, PS3 Hacks, Buy, Sell, Trade (BST) or Site News related in nature.

One final note: If a thread you start here belongs in one of the other sections outlined above it may be moved or removed by the Staff.

This section is meant to be a fun and laid-back PS3 JailBreak chat area, so use a little common sense when starting threads here and keep any news, help or where-to-buy topics in their own sections linked above.