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  1. #81
    Virii2012 Guest
    Anybody know if this is safe to use on FAT CECHA01?

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    fastphil160 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nicotine View Post
    CONFIRMED: CECHA01 Fat ps3 - installed perfect. HAD Geohot CFW. Used the RECOVERY method for going to 3.55 OFW. THEN use the RECOVERY method for going to 3.55 Waninkoko v2 works like a charm!

    stuff i had installed on geohot cfw works still... trying to install the new SNES and gaia gives me a 80029564 error... won't install anything.
    if you use the 3.41 pkg files they load fine on this firmware i was in the same boat i installed new fbanext & snes emulations today all running fine

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    Sayargh Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
    kmeaw needs a HEN even if it is built into the loader where Wani's doesn't. I like the old loader. Its got features lost in newer versions and every game I play works. (I have about 80 backups of my 110+ games) etc...
    Thats nice, but I'm just stating the facts theres no need to give me your life story or take it so personally - I know its a Hen, I admitted that, my point is theres no major difference to MOST (take note of that) end users - the only reason there is for you is because you want to use old software, which is fair enough.

    And I know at least one game I can play that you cannot. Ratchet and Clank a Crack in Time. It either crashes as it loads or crashes during the first hour of play. Not only that it corrupts the save game. I played it for 6 hours already with my HEN cfw.

    I'd take minor inconvenience over a crash any day.

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    Takavach Guest
    Hi to all. can anyone test eboot.bin for 3.41 (like GT5) on this cfw ? did it work ?

  5. #85
    FMAranda Guest

    With the 3.55 FW you don't need to modify the EBOOT.BIN, you can use the original.

  6. #86
    Trish Guest
    Im having problems installing PSN pkg's. They are susposed to be signed for 3.55 and other users confirm they work (probably on kmeaw). Does anyone know how to make them work on waninkoko?

  7. #87
    nicotine Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Virii2012 View Post
    Anybody know if this is safe to use on FAT CECHA01?
    YEP! I did that exact model. how i did it (and how i'd recommend):

    do the ps3 restore method to flash the official 3.55 sony firmware. once done, power the system up to make sure it's ok.

    then, do the ps3 restore method again to upgrade to the wanin 3.55 cfw.

    i wouldnt do just the "system update" in the menu. do it the recovery way to make sure.

    the newest SNES I can find is 4.4.3... is there a 4.4.4 out?

  8. #88
    Tepoo Guest
    because of this pseudo custom firmware of mkeaw there is a big confusion in the scene now. the firmware of mkeaw is a modded firmware, no real custom firmware. that's why you have to sign your pkg files for this custom firmware.

    if you have a original signed pkg file it will work on waninkokos cfw. i didn't had any problems with the blackbox ftp pkg for 3.41 or what ever.

    waninkoko did a great job with this firmware. everyone should switch to it. i hope the people stop working on an own soultion and working together with him go get his cfw getting better and better.

    i use his cfw on my wii, and i use it on my ps3 and both are working like a charm.

  9. #89
    barrybarryk Guest
    I have no idea why people keep bashing kmeaw's CFW in this thread. Kmeaw's firmware is on my ps3 and i've had 0 problems everything works, just like this one really.

  10. #90
    nicotine Guest
    because people are fanboys. i knew waninkoko would pull thru, so i waited. patience is key

    now my slim AND fat are both on his v2, running fine. still some packages i gotta find that will install/run properly yet, but i'll dig em out as i go.

    on that note, trying to find an FCEU that's 3.41 signed, so it'll work (NES emu)

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