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Thread: Waninkoko Releases PS3 CFW 3.55 V2 Custom Firmware

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    smaurice2001 Guest
    I have new slim 320Gb with 3.41herme on ps3break, I like to try that new waninkoko firmware (I am not scare). If I do not like it, Is it possible to go back to 3.41 ofw. Thanks

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    NCSUfan Guest
    Installed this last nite, works like a charm so far but haven't really noticed any changes in it vs kmeaz yet. There's a disclaimer every time you try CFW and the choice is yours, furthermore after 2 hours after the first wave hit there were warnings up about not using in phats due to error.

    Waninkoko is truly a great dev, hes brought x10 more to the table for hackers than egohot or marcan w/ failoverflow. There's truly nothing of importance regarding the wii hacking scene that isn't stamped with wanins tools or use his cIOSs or just flat out the early apps he wrote.

    Every single loader is based off his no one else has brought anything new to the table... people rehash it in the exact same manner that Open Manager is done for the ps3, just diff skins nothing new really.

    Its unfornate the v1 error of wanins happened, but the man tested it on both slims and phats... no one knew some phats had diff nands until then, cant blame him for that. Its as is.... AS ALWAYS...

    That being said Im used kmeaz cfw until now i'm not a big wanin supporter I just use what's best at the time, but seeing the about just straight up bs heaped on this man that has done soooo much for the hacking community made me sick.

    Your comments bashing a guy trying to help the community are totally not needed I don't see an xrayglass cfw out there...

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    yes you can downgrade back to 3.41 with a dongle and donor why would you want to use custom firmware when the dongle jailbreak is excellent. If you insist on trying custom firmware install kmeaw pre patched pup way safer and i've done it on many systems.

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    newgen2005 Guest
    OK I am going to give it a blast on my UK 40gb launch console running 3.41. Do I have to install official 3.55 and then install the CFW? A step by step guide would be cool as I am a little unsure how all this works!

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    Dominator7 Guest
    To all who answered me that mednafen for 3.41 would work, I confirm it, it works! Thanks for the replys guys!

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    Jes03 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Gendor23 View Post
    Is there any point to using this over kmeaw or others? What's the difference?
    1 very big difference.

    Waninkoko = CFW
    kmeaw = HEN.

    With Waninkoko CFW you don't need to run anything for homebrew to run.
    With kmeaw HEN you need to run the HEN (Lv2) after every reboot.

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    smaurice2001 Guest
    Thanks Jes03 for your info I will try Waninkoko v2

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    jeremy1977 Guest
    Anyone confirm the discless method with this cfw? I know it has been reported working with the disc in drive but I am picking up a extra system with a bad laser on the cheap tomorrow and was wondering if it will work with this firmware or is the system a waste.

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    smaurice2001 Guest
    I just install Waninkoko v2 and test it, so far the games that I test that was running ps3break herme3.41 is runing with this new CFW3.55 from Waninkoko.

    I am glad that I do not need to unplug power, all usb device (hard drive, racing wheel,camera for the move, etc...) and boot it with the ps3break, after replug usb device. Now it much simpler with Waninkoko v2. I did not try everything yet, but I am really happy so far. I have new slim 320Gb

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    nicotine Guest
    CONFIRMED: CECHA01 Fat ps3 - installed perfect. HAD Geohot CFW. Used the RECOVERY method for going to 3.55 OFW. THEN use the RECOVERY method for going to 3.55 Waninkoko v2 works like a charm!

    stuff i had installed on geohot cfw works still... trying to install the new SNES and gaia gives me a 80029564 error... won't install anything.

    any ideas?

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