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  1. #11
    flashpc Guest
    Are there any advances on this or is just a more stable version waninkoko's first firmware?

  2. #12
    Dominator7 Guest
    rogero runs fifa 11 without the need of lv2.pkg, waninkokos says devs should make use of the advantages of his cfw to make new versions of their programs. I used mednafen a lot, but now it gives an error and doesn't start. can't wait for a new version that works on this cfw!

  3. #13
    mickyfinn Guest
    will this work on uk machines?

  4. #14
    cracrus Guest
    I am at 3.41, can I just install the the new ver or do I have to got 3.55 first then install the new version?

  5. #15
    EiKii Guest
    running fine, tho it says PL3 in mm but i'm unsure its correct, everything seems to be fine. farenheit i think you can install but you can't run whatever you installed, afaik, haven't tried a lot but "psn" full game, and snesemu for 341 unsigned. installed but gives 80010009 error.

  6. #16
    clouduzz Guest
    not sure about snes but all my installed psn "debug" games didn't work after i upgraded from 3.41 Hermes to 3.55.

    Neither did comgenie's file manager but I reinstalled it and it works (signed 3.41) Cover manager doesn't work period. My installed xmb games still work fine, blu ray movies still work.

    I'll try reinstalling the psn games and see if they work again.

  7. #17
    nicotine Guest
    anyone have any luck with a ps3 fat CECHA01?

  8. #18
    mare92 Guest
    And what are really differences between this and Kmeaw's CFW?

  9. #19
    clouduzz Guest
    well this sucks is it just me or we can't install psn games that use debug packages to make full? Example Magic Orbz worked find 3.41 went to this and it won't load. Even deleted and reinstalled.

    Anyone able to install and run psn games converted from demo to full? I can install but i get an error not exactly sure but something like 8000019.

    nicotine... I have the same model and it works fine. I had to run the fix permission pack though to make multiman load the games otherwise I kept getting a black screen.

  10. #20
    Jes03 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mare92 View Post
    And what are really differences between this and Kmeaw's CFW?
    This has all patches needed to run homebrew and backups built in where kmeaws doesn't.

    This is about as stable as v1 of his cfw. I never had a problem with V1 and it looks like V2 is the same. Only crash I can still do is if a backup is loaded but not running then I try to sign into PSN it locks up. If I have a disc in the drive it doesn't always lock up, only without a disc.

    I installed it direct from XMB over the top of V1 and its going fine. Some games run discless now. (GT5 is the only one I tried atm)

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