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Thread: Waninkoko Releases PS3 3.55 Peek and Poke Custom Firmware

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    modmate Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Coragin View Post
    Can anyone confirm a CECHB01? Working or not working?
    Just dont use with these:

    o CECHA = 256MB
    o CECHB = 256MB
    o CECHC = 256MB
    o CECHE = 256MB
    o CECHG = 256MB

    It's up to your nand size! 16mb nands should work.

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    Coragin Guest
    So since mine has a 01 after the B it is all good to go ahead and do it? Or is there numbers after all the letters? That is what has me confused, an earlier post says 20gb works CECHH04 but mine is CECHB01 so do the numbers at the end come in to play at all or no?

    The final of the sticker on the back reads just as I posted it and with such an expensive piece of hardware I just want to make sure as I am on a limited income.

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    Reactx Guest
    Maybe there will be 256 NAND support, just have to wait.

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    verriboy Guest
    Works : Yes
    From XMB 3.41OFW to 3.55OFW to Wanin CFW3.55

    Works very good.

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    wonders Guest
    I have a CHECH-C03 60gb launch ps3 which bricked while updating from 3.55 OFW. I did the update when the only reports where not to use on slim's. Shame I didn't wait a while longer to see what other's had to say.

    Nevermind, too late now. Good job i'm getting a slim free with a mobile upgrade I just ordered... Anyways, what are the chances of there being a unbricker released further down the line? Would this be a possability?

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    limad Guest

    CECHL04 Work with Waninkoko


    i have firm my PS3 to 3.55 ofw. Flash it from Settings -> System Update without recovery. Then CFW from Waninkoko as the same.

    WORK CECHL04 All Ok.


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    Apr 2005


    +Rep to enri69 for the news, and I have moved this to the main page now.

    To users: All posts that are "I read..." or "I heard..." or copy and paste jobs of alleged results or fixes from sites will be removed without warning.

    Please only post your own actual results or fixes here, as we will not allow this thread to turn into a mess to Moderate again. Those who can't follow this simple request will be booted from this site so please use your heads before replying to avoid this.

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    dp1005 Guest
    Very new here and just wondering if the PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 Waninkoko that is pre-patched just installs over the OFW 3.55 or do I need to still modify the code in some way.

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    Apr 2005
    That is actually covered in the first post from Waninkoko as follows: "I recommend updating first to OFW 3.55, then to CFW 3.55."

    So to answer, yes, it would install over OFW 3.55 if your PS3 supports this CFW.

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    popshopadop Guest
    i don't know if this can help but if you brick your ps3 to the point that the red screen pops up you can simply take your jig device (i use my calc) and put it in service mode.

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