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  1. #61
    midnightmax Guest
    Which version of Multiman is working for people? I have tried four versions two won't even install the other two wont open?

  2. #62
    zeromx Guest
    From Logic-Sunrise:

    Model CECH04 -> Incompatible on 60GB
    Model CECHG04 -> Incompatible on 40GB
    Model CECHC03 -> Incompatible on 60GB
    Model 2502A-CECH -> Compatible
    Model CECHB -> Compatible
    Model Cech -> Compatible
    Model CECHH -> Compatible
    Model CECHL -> Compatible
    Model CECHJ -> Compatible
    Model CECHK -> Compatible

  3. #63
    zeromx Guest
    Not bricked PS3 Fat:
    CECH-K04 80GB
    CECH-K (2x successful)
    CECH-L 04 60gb
    CECH-L 04 80GB (2x successful)
    CECH-H 04 20gb
    CECH-H 04 40gb

    Not bricked PS3 Slim:
    CECH-2504B (2x successful)
    CECH-2004A 120 GB Version
    CECH-2004B 250GB SLIM
    CECH-2504B 320GB Move Eddition
    CECH-2104B 250GB

    Bricked PS3 Slim:


    Bricked PS3 Fat:
    CECH-C 03
    CECH-C 04
    CECH-G 04

  4. #64
    FMAranda Guest
    Here is a PS3 FTP app that works with Waininkoko's CFW.

  5. #65
    Anticleric Guest
    Follow the below list. Find your model # on the PS3 itself. Do not attempt this with 256MB NAND.

    o CECHA = 256MB
    o CECHB = 256MB
    o CECHC = 256MB
    o CECHE = 256MB
    o CECHG = 256MB
    o CECHH = 16MB
    o CECHJ = 16MB
    o CECHK = 16MB
    o CECHL = 16MB
    o CECHM = 16MB
    o CECHP = 16MB
    o CECHQ = 16MB
    o CECH-20..A = 16MB
    o CECH-20..B = 16MB
    o CECH-21..A = 16MB
    o CECH-21..B = 16MB
    o CECH-250.A = 16MB
    o CECH-250.B = 16MB
    o CECH-250.A = 16MB
    o CECH-250.B = 16MB
    o CECH-251.A = 16MB
    o CECH-251.B = 16MB

    I'm sticking with 3.41 for now. This doesn't sound like its much better.

  6. #66
    McMini Guest

    From 3.41 --> 3.55 Waninkoko
    Model: CECHL04 80 gb phat PAL

  7. #67
    anulu82 Guest
    CECHC here bricked. one question. i know that at home it is not possible to unbrick it, but in an official Sony service they can do it? or just forget it, and collect the money for another PS3?

  8. #68
    HotRice Guest
    It seem wininkoko cfw doesn't matter which firmware you were before, but depend on model # since people with fw 3.41 or geohot fw can just upgrade to wininkoko fw and it works.

  9. #69
    PiERiT Guest
    Internal games don't work for me. Curious how anyone got theirs to work. Maybe a different version of multiman?

  10. #70
    Coragin Guest
    Can anyone confirm a CECHB01? Working or not working?

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