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    Does a Slim 120 gig CECH 2001a work?

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    Add another one to this list please. Mine is dead too nothing I can do it about. Luckily I've still got my other 60gb phat which I'm not screwing with at all 3.41 with psgroove.

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    40Gig (640 fitted)

    3.41>OFW3.55>CFW3.55 (didn't use recovery mode)

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    Lol worked totally fine on my fat PS3 that I got July 09. I didn't even use recovery mode, I just went to system update via storage media on OFW XMB.

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    is CECHL04 (80GB FAT) working for anyone? Is the no way to unbrick your ps3 (Service mode, downgrade to 3.41?)

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    do not install waninkoko's cfw on models with 256mb nand, because it won't designed for these consoles and bricks after updating.

    which ps3 models have 256 nand?
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    how can i check my NAND capacity?

    Another think that should be made is like JB dongles that boots before the ps3 starts why not make some sort of app to backup the nand or system files or whatever we need to recover in case of brick?

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    If you got good soldering skills, you could build marcans NOR flasher. Only then will you be completely safe from a brick.

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    Angry New Discovery after Brick!

    Since my CECHG01 bricked even though it reached 100% and restarted to then get yellow light, I tried all solutions recommended such as removing cables, hard drive etc. Nothing worked, so i setup a repair service since I pay for the repair service membership.

    Anyhow I decided to pop my 320gb hard drive (Seagate 2.5 320gb) in my SATA to USB adapter and try and see if i could back it up somehow to my laptop. I opened up the usual program I use which is EASEUS Partition Master PRO. My hard drive shows up as NEW! with nothing used, formatted or anything.

    Unallocated 298.09 GB. I had 6+ games including installed data in there plus all my hombrew and saves. Last I checked (last night) i had 137 gb free. So basically this erased my hard disk too? Loved the research Wanin did. Thanks for the hard work on the ps3 scene. Killing off more JBreakers than sony did. Awesome.

    DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU OWN A CECHG01 (Mine was a Spider-man 3 40GB bundle) STAY ON 3.41

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    Tried formatting my 60gb after the fail and it made no difference, still rlod.


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