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  1. #41
    modmate Guest
    These models brick nearly 100%:

    CECH-C 03
    CECH-C 04
    CECH-G 04

    I`ve done another CHECH 210b 250 gb slim with preinstalled multiman and ftp server app. Run the update directly through xmb system settings, all went fine and working great. I guess thats it for patching eboots..

    Greets Modmate

  2. #42
    sika Guest
    Ok so by the looks of things anything between CECHA and CECHG will brick, mine was a CECHM and it was fine

  3. #43
    wazer1337 Guest
    Here's how i did it. Working solution for my ps3 slim 250GB Model: CECH-2003B. Vent into recovery mode. Installed original Firmware 3.55. Rebooted the console. Installed GeoHot JB 3.55 from XMB. Rebooted the console.

    Installed Waninkoko CFW from XMB. Rebooted the console. Note i installed multiman and so on with GeoHotz JB first then i moved over to waninkoko's firmware. Now next step is to fix all the blackscreens. Current:

    Street Fighter
    tekken 6

    Installing updates for fx Burnout Paradise 1.90. Then entering the game makes it hang in loading screen.

    All games are internal installed. That's my status for now.

    Good luck.

  4. #44
    afly Guest
    It patches lvl2 which is pretty stupid really. Most popular theory is the NAND flash on some units being smaller which is why they are bricking (running out of space)

    Only safe way is to have external NAND/NOR programmer and save it BEFORE flashing so it can be restored.

    If we knew the capactity of the PS3 models, we'd know which are affected.

  5. #45
    farenheit Guest
    I wonder if flashing eu ofw on a us console or us ofw on a eu console before hand makes a difference, i.e part of the problem??

  6. #46
    afly Guest
    The theory seems to be that the NAND Flash on some models is smaller. Because this CFW patches lv2 (which is pretty stupid), the lower capacity models are running out of space, hence brick.

    If we knew the NAND capacities of the models, we would know which are affected.

  7. #47
    farenheit Guest
    In theory it makes sense, however isnt the updat.pup the same size as the official firmware which is used on all slim and phats regardless of the size of the nand??

  8. #48
    Drev Guest
    any word CECHP-01 models? I've been wanting to jb my ps3 ever since the dongles got released. I kid you not, 3 days before the dongles hit the news that it can be done, I updated from 3.41 to 3.50. So I have just been setting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen.

  9. #49
    djdavedoc Guest
    Just to add my 2nd PS3 is dead because of this. CECHC model 60GB. Turn on, YLOD and thats it. Cant do anything as have tried USB Dongle etc and it wont even get that far. So a knackered FLASH until someone comes up with a method of de-bricking.

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    Ecniv Guest
    I just updated my chech2004 with no problems but when I update the games they won`t boot any Ideas??

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