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Thread: Waninkoko Releases PS3 3.55 Peek and Poke Custom Firmware

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    modmate Guest
    Updates without bricks:

    CECH-2504B Done 2 times
    CECH-2004A 120 GB Version
    CECH-2004B 250GB SLIM
    CECH-2504B 320GB Move Eddition
    CECH-2104B 250GB

    Greets Modmate

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    DJTommy812 Guest
    The installation reached 100%, restarted, and boom blinking red light and wont boot up. Is this a brick now? No recovery menu possible or anything? I honestly recommended you stay comfortably at 3.41 like i foolishly should have done. My ps3 was a phat, the bundle that came with spider-man 3 blu-ray. Working fine for 3 years, greed killed it. Awesome work. Keep your heads up like im tryin to do. Now to figure something out.

    Results: Failed & Bricked (Blinking Red Light)

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    sika Guest
    bspatch.exe PS3UPDAT.PUP NEW.PUP CFW_v3.55.patch

    then after you rename NEW.PUP to PS3UPDAT.PUP and install that.

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    modmate Guest
    Well, just BTW thats an Update, so if you run 3.55 ofw or cfw dont use the recovery menue. Goto system settings and do it as usual.

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    ninjanutta2 Guest
    i've got a 250gb slim 2003b and a slim 320gb 2503b. anyone had any joy with these models. i'm waiting till a new version is ready anyway. I'm new this was gonna be trouble, wanininkoko was put under pressure to release to a deadline and this is what happens. live and learn.

    xbox hacking has taught me to hold on a bit because it always get better, like this is gonna be bans all over from psn until the stealth managers etc get sorted out.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Well, i have have CECHG. Looks i can't use this CFW yet.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Don't use it with a PS3 model which has 128MB NAND flash.

    Thats what the list says from modmate.

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    stinky1978 Guest
    3.41 slim 120 gb version to 3.55 OFW to 3.55 Wanikoko via recovery = works just fine.

    Multiman 3.55 NOT installing though, have to currently run multiman 3.41. Then works fine. Now I need to re-modify my eboots from my games so they run. So far black ops is on black screen, so is NBA jam. Will load back to original eboot and see what happens.

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    zeromx Guest
    I put the original EBOOT.BIN for NFS:HOT Pursuit back into the folder and updated the game and it works fine.

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    mynamesmouse Guest
    Worked for me. 160 GB Slim (Bought new with 3.30 FW)

    From official 3.41 to official 3.55 to Waninkoko 3.55.

    I did a restore and homebrew from 3.41 does not work. Can't install any packages (3.55). 3.41 will install but not run. Signed 3.55 gives me an error and "suggested actions" thing. Which I've never seen before.

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