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Thread: Waninkoko Releases PS3 3.55 Peek and Poke Custom Firmware

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    joffe Guest

    for those with bricked consoles

    it would be interesting to see whether or how far kernel boots there, so my idea is to test following:

    - grab your ps break dongle with indicator LED and connect to ps3
    - power off ps3
    - switch on for jailbreak mode and observe LED

    hopefully there is access - anyone willing to try that?

    If jig is accessed developers would at least be able to work out a payload that restore things that bricked the 256MB units.

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    enroute Guest

    I read all the posts on all 15 pages (!! yeah have lot of spare time today ). I wanted to confirm few things before i would update :-

    I want to play downloaded games directly w/o signing/packaging with keys as required with geohot 3.55. Can we do that in this ? I posted similar post on MultiMAN thread and i was told that from this CFW i can play downloaded games directly from managers like MultiMAN.

    Can we watch 3D blu rays ? (asking this as i read it has 3.41 payload so not sure if it has functionalities like 3D movies introduced in >3.50)

    Thanks for help from all of you

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    zhaoyun123 Guest
    Update: YES!!! i'm already on wankiko's cfw, confirmed the 2 folders under GAME icon the one is install Package and the other is ../apps/PS3, try with the multiman (ver 1.12.05) or Rogero v7.8 will work for me, trying back up for my tekken 6 ^^

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    wael111 Guest
    Does it work without patching any files? directly backup and runs?

    or you still need to patch the ebin file and stuff?

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    zhaoyun123 Guest
    for now i'm on testing phase if it doesn't need patching stuffs... using the multiman for now and backing up my tekken 6 BD, if it doesn't then i think it will need patching (i think...), to be sure i'll read more

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    modmate Guest
    If you read some pages of this thread you already know that you won't have to mod the eboot anymore. Just not possible to run from internal hdd at the moment, external nearly every game runs fine.


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    golfje Guest
    Hey Zhaoyun123,

    Did you started tekken 6 from internal hdd or an external hdd ?

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    wwywong Guest
    routehero (any others who know), this is what I want to ask. I am CECH-2001A model (120GB slim).

    If we are on Waninkoko-CFW, and want to rollback to 3.41, is that possible? Is there any harm? (the bluray drive will turn bad if we downgrade? Is that being fixed now? Or for my model it's not affected?)

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    zhaoyun123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by golfje View Post
    Did you started tekken 6 from internal hdd or an external hdd ?
    internal cause i don't have external hdds here

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    Jes03 Guest
    If you actually read then you would've noticed the first game confirmed with no patches and updated was GT5 and that can only be ran from Internal as its too big for USB/fat32.

    I've also run a few other games from both Int and Ext and all are working fine with unmodded eboots and latest updates.

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