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    A generic Teensy crappy clone at 8Mhz at90usb162 compile file, is much appreciated.


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    Apr 2010
    please compile this for teensy1.0at90usb162 16 mhz

    can i play without disk with this version??

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    He took the 10 steps back because he says were all pirates (and hes right) lol The hermes payload is directly for playing backups
    Im just happy i can use my PS3 again with broken bluray

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    Jun 2007

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    anyone who has the payload in binary format ? (port1_config_descriptor.bin) and not the one in "psgroove-hermes-vpkgdemo.rar" because thats hermes v1

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    Any chance someone could compile for BlackCat? TIA

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    Tried with maximus avr usb (teensy 1.0) & it didnt work. Unable to load backup manager or open bm.

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    Jun 2007
    I did say try lol... Well its confirmed it doesn't work then.

    Just hang fire for hermes or waninkoko, im sure they'll have the source out soon enough...

    In the meantime stick with hermes v3/waninkoko hex which i can compile for you if want.

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    i hope someone will compile for olimes avr-usb-162

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    I'm confused now, and I have read the whole thread. Didn't the source already come out? The one that's better than waninkokos'? Or is it that they did release it, but it doesn't work so they have to revisit the issue?

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