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  1. #141
    tonyqc Guest

    Big Grin

    Updated Original PSGroove Payload better than Waninkoko’s

    someone can make me 1 for xplain?

  2. #142
    hunterrr Guest
    Yeh facepalm i found the file i meant to upload i guess i renamed and rared the wrong one

    Well thanks for pointing that out

  3. #143
    tonyqc Guest


    here for teensy 1.0

  4. #144
    tonyqc Guest
    an other 1 for olimex

  5. #145
    lousifer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tonyqc View Post
    here for teensy 1.0
    The one is not working on my AT90USB162

  6. #146
    tonyqc Guest
    its seem they are not working without a disc

  7. #147
    luix Guest
    can someone please compile this for AT90USBKEY?


  8. #148
    farenheit Guest
    OK i've edited the PSgroove.c file to work with hermes..

    Just replace the psgroove.c file in your recent hermes directory (v3 i believe) with this one (make a backup 1st) then just compile it as usual. So you should get a hermesv3 hex with the latest mat... update.

    Can someone test this please? (Im at "sodding" work!)

  9. #149
    eilex17 Guest
    please compile for PS3 3.15 users!!

  10. #150
    farenheit Guest
    Actually i think it would be better if i just uploaded the whole directory.

    *correction* you need to replace the psgroove.c file in waninkoko's directory or just download this complete rar.
    (still waiting for someone to test.)

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