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    Quote Originally Posted by Boo1974 View Post
    I've just uploaded an Xplain hex for the new v3 payload. Havent tried it myself, I fully expect it will be fine. I used the same method succesfully on previous complied hexs for my Xplain and they were all fine.

    The method i used was from the virtualbox image of Ubuntu that runs within windows. The originator was someone called evilsperm and his post with info. is on this site. In fact his work in producing this image is quality, it has enabled a relative muppet like me to compile hexs from source for all the main boards. The image I use also lets me compile my own pkgs from the everchanging bm source code that other ps3 minigods are constantly coming up with.
    How can I use that to use with psfreedom through custom payload?
    It just accepts .bin.


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    Arrow Official Psgroove Payload Updated to Allow Retail PKG Installs

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    I'm adding the PSGroove official update to the first post now as well, to quote:
    Mathieulh has updated the official psgroove payload to allow for retail PKG installing. Earlier today we reported about waninkoko‘s payload which accomplished the same thing.

    However, Mathieulh states that waninkoko‘s payload is the incorrect way to allow retail pkg installing. Mathieulh also states that issues may come up for certain pkg’s. Therefore, he has patched the payload correctly, giving us a more stable payload to install retail pkg and updated the official psgroove github.

    The following comes from Mathieulh’s twitter.

    Retail package support was just added to psgroove git (the patch isn’t the same as waninkoko’s hermes v3) forcing r11 to 1 like waninkoko did does work but it is not the solution and might bring issues with specific package types.

    The right patch to be done is to put a nop at the beginning of the debug algo decryption which checks for the model flag to be 1

    Also waninkoko left the original psjailbreak patch which was not proper either:

    ROM:0002ED00 lhz %r9, arg_7A(%sp) ROM:0002ED04 xori %r9, %r9, 080 ROM:0002ED08 addi %r9, %r9, -1 ROM:0002ED0C rldicl %r29, %r9, 1,63 ROM:0002ED10 b loc_2ED20

    they force r29 to 1 which does indeed let you install debug packages but breaks the retail package install because the code will stop at the debug check if r29 is set to 1. The right way is to actually kill that check. That’s what’s been done by doing a nop to the conditional branch.
    Another update:
    Mathieulh has revealed another juicey piece of info on his twitter. He has revealed information on patching the 3.41 payload. More specifically, he provides information on a lv2 patch that effectively allows all game updates/patches to work. We reported previously on a few payloads that increased this sort of stability with game updates. However, Mathieulh again has found flaw in how the payloads were patched. He explains that these other payloads missed a check, a check which he reveals below.

    Update: Mathieulh has explained the check further in depth, check out what he had to say after the jump.

    Please note he will not be adding this to the official psgroove payload as he does not support piracy.

    Some game updates use lv2open to check the disc’s param.sfo to make sure the right disc is in the drive and the check fails because psjailbreak patches only patch the vsh open, as such a lot of patches will ask to “insert” the disc if you are playing from a backup, I don’t care much about backups myself but for the sake of it and because some people may actually do a legit use of them, here is the patch : in 3.41 lv2 at offset 0x5745C change to li %r31, 0

    Before you ask, because this is mostly backups related I wont be implementing this on the psgroove payload. If others want to implement this patch, that will be their call.

    The following comes via http://www.twitlonger.com/show/6efnkb

    [Register or Login to view code]

    here are the actual checks, it checks if a pointer is null, if it is, it errors, then they check the first char in the game’s title id buffer, if it’s 0 it erros and later a special memcmp is called which compares the title ids from the patch’s sfo with the one from the disc’s sfo.

    Anyway I felt like it is better to explain the actual check for people’s educational purposes.

    Someone actually pointed out that the check uses the same fs function than the one psjb patches (my mistake on that one) for some reason though, the sfos' title ids do not match which is what the patch I released earlier "fixes"

    By the way, new game keys were added in the 3.42 appldr, if you get a 0x80010019 error that means the self/sprx can't decrypt.
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    the xplain hex don't work... admin should remove this hex... this hex don't jailbreak the ps3 .....

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    Yea, we don't remove files as it breaks links and screws up the database they are stored in... if it doesn't work for you wait for someone else to repost one basically.

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    can someone compile for ipod 5g video please... maybe coco?

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    What can the official psgroove do that the waninkoko one cannot do?

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    Awesome! I love how progress is going so fast!

    Could someone please compile...


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    Anyone have the official payload compiled for the 360 USB NAND Flasher? (PIC 18F2455 12MHz)? Thanks in advance.

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    can anyone provide hex file for blackcatusb?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    What can the official psgroove do that the waninkoko one cannot do?
    ...Nothing its only a cleaner way of applying the patch, also it does not incorporate any of the hermes patches.
    I have fixed the new source to enable the use of backups.

    Either use the Ubuntu Release to easily compile this for your board.

    I have included plenty of board setting in the make file as well as a Blackcat LED fix.
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