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    Quote Originally Posted by tommasi View Post
    thank you DJXFMA you rock!!
    No Problemo!

    I was already checking out how to compile it by myself, took me about 20 minutes or so.. but anyway I made it xD lol

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    Apr 2006
    it works fine but still no LEDs for ps2chiper as i dont want LEDs anyways

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    Sep 2010
    I install patch for Heavy rain 2.0! patch is installed ok! but didn't work

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    Sep 2009
    Is there a compatibility list for updates anywhere? I've seen a few people their results.

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    Jan 2010
    I know four games at the top of my head

    COD4, COD5 will ONLY play if you have the latest patch installed (wierd huh?) and also FALLOUT 3. Im also using debug pkgs on all these exept for COD5 but i dont think that has anything to do with it

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    can anyone please release this for IPhoneLinux for the iphone 2g/3g/touch1g please? thank you.

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    Can't get this to work either with my own compiled version or the provided ones here for the Teensy 2.0. Has anybody got the same board working? I reverted back to the last version of psgroove + hermes v3 and everything still works. The updating method by uploading to /dev_hdd0/vsh/task, rebooting with no JB, updating works fine though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by facelift View Post
    can any one please release this for IPhoneLinux for the iphone 2g/3g/touch1g please? thank you.
    ipod nano 1g compile would be great as well guys! keep upo the great work! peace

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    Really nice app!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

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    would someone please compile for the Teensy Generic 8Mhz?

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