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    I'm getting an interesting result with Guitar Hero world tour... I installed "Activision Music Track Pack" Everything was fine, I installed the pkg and started the game fine, but it keeps saying "the down-loadable content has changed, as a result the game has restarted". Then it goes back to checking the HDD etc...

    Can Anyone help?

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    Xplain compiled Waninkoko Mods PSGroove Hermes Payload for Retail PKG Files

    Quote Originally Posted by Tidusnake666 View Post
    Haha, great thing for demos and for *some* updates, so we won't use that uncomfortable demoinstaller hooking up with FTP server.

    Anyways, can't test it, waiting for XPLAIN solution! Cheers!
    I've just uploaded an Xplain hex for the new v3 payload. Havent tried it myself, I fully expect it will be fine. I used the same method succesfully on previous complied hexs for my Xplain and they were all fine.

    The method i used was from the virtualbox image of Ubuntu that runs within windows. The originator was someone called evilsperm and his post with info. is on this site. In fact his work in producing this image is quality, it has enabled a relative muppet like me to compile hexs from source for all the main boards. The image I use also lets me compile my own pkgs from the everchanging bm source code that other ps3 minigods are constantly coming up with.

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    tested another games with retail patches...

    Folklore.USA.PS3-BCUS98147 work
    Haze.EUR.RUS.PS3-BLES00169 work
    Little.Big.Planet.GOTY.ASIA.RUS.PS3-BCAS20078 work insert disk
    Front.Mission.Evolved.PS3-BLES00788 black screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morph1 View Post
    I'm getting an interesting result with Guitar Hero world tour...
    This is because the DLC content is encrypted, you can install it, but you are missing the needed activation files. So the PS3 can not decrypt it.

    PS: GH3 just crashes if it can't decrypt DLC

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    Quote Originally Posted by losefrag View Post
    Where I can find Debug Patch 2.0 ?
    You can find it here:

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    could someone explain how to install this and what exactly the hex files are? im new to the ps3 jailbreak scene (im very familiar with the ps2, wii, iphone stuff though)

    i jailbroke my ps3 with my htc phone (psfreedom) and how would i install this?

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    Looking forward to using this, the other method was kindof a PITA. But I need some clarification: in the compiled all, there's a hex that is simply named AT90USBKEY.hex. Is it for at90usb162 16 mhz, aka BlackCat?

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    can anyone give me pschiper hex file please and how do i change at90usb162 16MHz to at90usb162 8Mhz?? thanks

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    Olimex AVR-USB-162 HEX

    Here is an Olimex AVR-USB-162 HEX file with MCU at90usb162 and 8Mhz

    Of course with working LED


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    thank you DJXFMA you rock!!

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