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Thread: WAD File in PS3 Game Discovered!?

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    cfwprophet Guest

    WAD File in PS3 Game Discovered!?

    Last time i played around with BRDGen and have loaded Heavenly Sword into it.I browsed the folders as i found (for me) some interesting file what would be a 144MB big Global.WAD file.

    Yes a WAD File.For every one who wounder "What da hell is a WAD?".It is a (Linux?) pack format what will be used from the Nintendo Wii as pack file, such as the .PKG for the PS3.

    On tha Wii every thing will be packed as a WAD.If it is a IOS (Internal Operating System - driver) or the SystemMenu.wad it self or game content, a channel what we are be able to modd and make our owen channels and the file structure is quit the same (banner, icon, sound .bin in file of wad file.The icon will be png or jpg and the sound most likely a wav).The game pkg of ps3 does not contain an extra file for the preview like the wad it have but it will be also a banner,icon (sound?) file present for the preview of games.

    I tryed to open it with normal Wii wad tools but it doesnt worked.Sure becouse it will not be exact the same wad file or it is still encrypted.

    I does not belive that this will be lead into anything but it is nice to share the news if some one dont know

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Ya, your right.
    I checked about another 20 ps3 games but I couldnīt find anymore WAD files.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Sorry, but isn't this irrelevant!?

    A file can be called anything - just because it has a .WAD extension doesn't mean anything. The software house may just be using this extension for their files.

    e.g. I could easily write an application that would create a store of my settings (or anything) in a file with an extension .WAD and this file would only ever be of any use to my own program - it has absolutely nothing to do with wii.

    I could even write a text document and save it with an extension of .EXE - doesn't mean it will run on a pc!

    Sorry, but i just don't see how this is news.


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    ScarFace123 Guest
    my first thought after reading the tital was... doom on ps3?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I could even write a text document
    Hey man im not a noob!I know what notepad can do

    But after little research the WAD is no pattent to nintendo.This file is a Linux pack and you could found the one or another WAD Packer / Unpacker for the PC.

    We also know that both the PS3 & Wii uses Linux based code such as elf.Also both consoles USE the elf file format.
    Why this should not be a WAD file?
    I dont say that it is the same file like on they Wii.

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    internetfloozy Guest
    A WAD file is often used for game archives. These are usually packages containing levels, graphics and other game data.

    They are very common and not only specific to wii's.

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