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    realth Guest

    Viru Doshi PS3 iTrophies v2.5.4 for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch by Lz0PDA

    Below is a PS3 iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch application release called Viru Doshi PS3 iTrophies v2.5.4 by Lz0PDA for those interested.

    Release Name: Viru.Doshi.PS3.iTrophies.v2.5.4.iPad.iPhone.iPod.T ouch-Lz0PDA

    Download: http://ul.to/2eskzcm5 / http://uploaded.net/file/vcz80npi/Vi...uch-Lz0PDA.rar / http://ultramegabit.com/file/details/A_842SCHDs0 / http://rapidgator.net/file/57566226/...z0PDA.rar.html / https://rapidshare.com/files/1971055...uch-Lz0PDA.rar



    What is iTrophies?

    iTrophies is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It lets you sign into the Playstation Network with your account details and will show you your profile data as well as your Trophy data. You can see for the games you’ve played which trophies you’ve earned and which you still need to collect.

    iTrophies can help you find videos for trophies you haven’t obtained yet by searching YouTube. You can watch the YouTube videos from within iTrophies which means you don’t exit iTrophies when the YouTube player starts.

    How is this different to other guides?

    First and foremost to my knowledge this is the first iPhone / iPod Touch application which can present you with your actual Playstaton Trophy data, it’s always in sync with your Playstation Account. (Note: you must choose the Sync with Server option on your PlayStation 3 console to sync any new trophies earned with the PSN).

    Is this an official Playstation application?

    Nope. This application was created for several reasons which include; wanting to learn iPhone development, filling a gap, and of course love for the Playstation console!

    Is it safe to sign in with my Playstation Account details?

    Yes. There is an option on the login screen of the application which can remember your login details if you turn it ON. Other than that at no other time is any data collected or recorded. If you turned ‘Remember Login’ ON you can clear the details by signing in with the option turned off.

    Can I help with future updates?

    Maybe. If you have something to offer then by all means drop me an email at itrophiesatgooglemail.com

    If you have any questions which haven’t been answered please do leave the question in the comments below and I will add the question and answer to the FAQ (if you leave an email address I will also reply via email).


    I can sign in but my profile and trophy data is blank?

    It is likely the server request timed out and sent no data back. This may occur when the Playstation Network servers are under increased load, usually during peak times. If this occurs simply exit and reenter the application.

    I cannot sign in? I get a “Login Failed. Incorrect details” message. Please check that you’re signing in with the Email Address you use to sign in and not your Gamer ID. Where has the “Remember Details” option gone?

    Version 2.0 of PS3 iTrophies includes 2 extra options that were not in Version 1.1. To keep the UI clean and clutter free the options for PS3 iTrophies have been moved to the Settings menu on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Simply select “Settings” on your home screen, scroll down to iTrophies. You’ll see options to Remember Details, Auto-Sign In and Disable Info Messages.

    The app tells me the servers are down for maintenance but I can play online on my PS3?

    The gaming servers and the servers used by iTrophies are seperate. It’s possible the servers used by iTrophies may go offline for maintenance even while the PSN game servers are still running. Maintenance can take up to 24hours, during this time you won’t be able to log in to iTrophies.

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Apr 2005
    I fixed this up some and stuck it here for now, probably won't bother to mainpage this but cheers for the release info realth and +Rep!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Very cool app, but I'm now hoping Sony comes with a official version of an app like this so you could chat with friends over PSN and maybe even earn some trophies playing games on your phone. Just like the service XBL offers.

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