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Thread: Videos: PSGroove PS JailBreak PS3 Exploit BlackcatUSB Port

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    ldh888 Guest
    I just got my blackcat in 1 hour ago, It worked.. but strange, when I tried use that led fix hex file,but my ps3 just popup a message with unknown usb device, so I change back with the thinnpikkins hex and work out fine!

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    justice91423 Guest
    I had the same results. The LED Fix hex file did not work but the original worked fine.

    Note: I have had the PS3 crash on boot ones using this.

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    el414 Guest
    Yes After working on this all night following all directions for multiple boards and tring different hex and stuff. I found the problem with the 1.5 board... This is something stupid 2.. The ps3 need a short usb cable hooked up with this blackcat... I have tested a few sizes and the one I got to work was a 3fter. I then had gone back and tested different hexes and most of them work correctly... I hope this helps out cuz it was driving me nuts cuz I knew I was following the directions correctly and watching the videos exactly..

    well at first the cables i was using to the ps3 were 5 and 6 ft er and they flashed alright... but the console never got exploited... The I found a 3ft cable and i hooked it up and it worked,,, So yea Id say anything shorter than 3ft would work... Thats if you get it to flash with the other previous steps...

    I am able to flash using the Flip 3.4.1 with any of the cables lengths..To flash switches have to be placed towards the tcisno 1.5... then I hit the button to put into program mode... After the flash was successful I put the switches back in to the on position (Towards the usb port).. After I had flashed the black cat my PC always saw a generic usb hub... But with the ps3 I needed to use the 3ft cable for it to recognize the exploit...


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    Tension113 Guest
    Thank you for posting this! I was starting to go insane.. I have both a fat and a slim ps3.. The fat worked fine with the 6ft cable that came with my Blackcat.. but the slim would not work no matter how many times I tried.. Didn't even think about the cable since the fat ps3 worked with no problem...

    After reading this, I scoured the house looking for cables.. found 2 more 6 footers.. tried em.. didn't work.. then finally found a 3 footer and that's what it was..

    Are others getting the slim to work with the 6ft cable?

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    luffyone Guest
    Here still waiting for my blackcat, has already shipped and left the US now. Hope its gets to my door not too long from now.

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    Drakhen Guest
    I am having a tough time trying to move the hex the the black cat, here is what is going on... I have been watching the video from page 2 post # 11 and I make it up until the 4:13 mark is where I have the problem. I end up getting the found new hardware wizard coming up in windows:

    Please wait while the wizard searches at90usb162, Cannot install this hardware, crm.atmel.ftp.ispexception, could not open usb device.

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    luffyone Guest
    Finally my blackcat arrived, funny thing I got impatient yesterday and ordered a maximus and both got delivered to my door today with 1 hour difference!! Damn, oh well, I have another option just in case now.

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    rd8719 Guest
    anyone know where i can find a psgroove 1.1 hex with fixed leds for blackcat?

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by rd8719 View Post
    anyone know where i can find a psgroove 1.1 hex with fixed leds for blackcat?
    You would have to check some of the newer PSGroove threads for updated hex codes... I'm closing this old one now.

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