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    51N15T3R Guest
    For those wondering how a 16KB Blackcat can be flashed with a 30+KB file, the specs say it can store 40KB hex files (as you know the PSGroove pre-compiled files are hex). So there's your answer for those who are worried about that.

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    imtoodvs Guest
    good to know, ill be ordering a few this weekend. this is gonna be fun, i got a few 60 gig's ive been waiting to dump

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    ldh888 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by luffyone View Post
    I ALSO ordered from embedded computers, just hoping the free shipping is NOT AIR MAIL, it would suck to have to wait 3-4 weeks to get it.
    If you choose 30 USD with shipping... its very slow... FYI I managed to ask them to use fast express services and pay extra.

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    proskopina Guest
    i order mine at 9/2 will see how long it takes!!!

    i think next week i have it!!!

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    keyros2k3 Guest
    Can i use this? they are in stock?


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    eNess Guest
    I plan on buying one of these and giving it a try for myself.

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    Xalcker Guest


    Anyone getting black screen after power->eject with blackcat?

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    luffyone Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ldh888 View Post
    If you choose 30 USD with shipping... its very slow... FYI I managed to ask them to use fast express services and pay extra.

    Truth. I am trying contacting the guy but to no avail yet after 2 emails, i know he may have many emails but at least reply to your customers! I used paypal contact mail NOT the contact page, but lets see if i get a positive reply.

    He had updated the page now saying delivery is via AIR MAIL! Now? Little too late. The page is to blame for not having any shipment details so the correct would be to allow those of us that want express delivery to pay for it. Lets see, otherwise I will open a dispute to get a refund. No point in waiting for an air mail that may very well be lost somewhere and never arrive to my door and if it does probably after a month, thats the time it takes in my case for air mail to arrive.

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    EiKii Guest
    air mail would IMO be good for me lol as i live in sweden xD

    free delivery with air mail he must make great money on that blackcat as hes shipping free international, i guess it isnt free haha

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    luffyone Guest
    I got a VERY FAST reply now after clearly saying in the subject email I wanted express shipment or I would get a refund.

    If someone wants to know he charged me US26.00 for the express delivery, guess that was ok.

    Now to wait for this or maybe another better solution will appear while most of us wait for the teensy, blackcat and similars, would be fun if we happen to have more easy solution like via psp or something and most end up canceling their pre-orders.

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