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    Videos: PS JailBreak DynaModz PlayStation 3 Testing and Review

    Previously we shared Spanish, French, and English PS JailBreak PS3 Reviews, and today we have a few videos from Dutch site DynaModz (linked above) testing the PSJailBreak USB modchip on their PlayStation 3 console.

    Below are the videos and their feedback on the new PS JailBreak PS3 modchip, to quote roughly translated:

    "The sample has arrived in a beautiful gift box with a USB stick, unfortunately no manual (they will be forgotten).

    The features we are most striking and important are this product:

    - The PS JailBreak works with every PlayStation 3 model on the market (FAT or SLIM).
    - Backups of games, both on the internal HDD and external HDD made and loaded.
    - Works with all existing PS3 games.
    - Supports homebrew.
    - Supports the PlayStation 3 in all regions (USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA).
    - Upgradeable via PC and support for any more options.

    Importantly, to our knowledge the PS Jailbreak only works on a PlayStation 3 with firmware 3.41. We do not know if the PS are Jailbreak will work after a firmware update for the PlayStation 3.


    - PlayStation 3 with firmware 3.41 installed (this goes for the sample we received). Here are the instructions to the firmware if necessary to update to 3.41: http://us.playstation.com/support/sy...date/index.htm
    - Backup Manager. It must be copied to a USB memory stick formatted as FAT32.


    1. Always switch off the PlayStation 3 (all out, so no power supply) before we connect the PS Jailbreak. Depending on your version console you must:

    - PlayStation 3 - FAT. Turn the power button on the back of the PS3 to''OFF''
    - PlayStation 3 - SLIM. Unplug the power cable out of the PlayStation

    Jailbreak the PS can any USB port on the PlayStation 3 are connected, there may continue any other device connected via USB.

    2. The power supply of the Playstation 3, again it (the PS3 is then in standby mode). Depending on your version console you must:

    - PlayStation 3 - FAT. Turn the power button on the back of the PS3 to''ON''
    - PlayStation 3 - SLIM. Connect the power cable on the PlayStation 3 to. Now press the power button on the front of the PlayStation 3 followed by pressing the eject button. This act happened in quick succession (ie PS3 and then immediately turn the eject button).

    While the PS3 will launch two LEDs on the front of the PS Jailbreak burn after about 10 seconds, there may be two things happen:

    - The green LED stays on. This means the PS Jailbreak successfully launched.
    - The red LED remains lit. This means the PS Jailbreak not properly started. This happens usually when steps 1 and 2 have not been implemented correctly, pay special attention to startup after turning on the PS3 once the eject button is pressed. Steps 1 and 2 so from the start run.

    3. If the PS Jailbreak successfully launched and the green LED lights use the USB Memory Stick Backup Manager connect to the PS3.

    4. After this we go to the GAME menu and we select the option "Install Package Files", select Backup Manager here after Backup Manager is installed.

    5. After installation, we return to the GAME menu, here is now the Backup Application Manager, it starts up.

    6. Now we are ready to install! From the Backup Application Manager, we can make a backup of a game, put this game in the PS3. You can backup to the internal or an external USB HD creation.

    Press the R to the backup, will be asked if you want the backup to an external USB HD to make, NO by choosing the backup will be made to the internal USB HD. The backup is being made (it takes a while...).

    7. To run a backup MUST any game in the Playstation 3 be placed. Select Menu from the Backup Manager to backup your choice with the''X''button. You can also delete a backup by Triangle button.

    The reason that a game in the PS3 to be done because the backup is simulated as if it from the drive starts up.

    8. After selecting a backup of your choice you will be returned to the MAIN MENU of the Playstation 3, the Backup Manager will be featured here, go up one click and you will see the selected backup.

    Select it and enjoy it! The online mode does at present.

    Points that are also important:

    - Making a backup of COD MW2 has more than 90 minutes were seized, there are also games that are of smaller size and faster start.
    - Online play is working perfectly, but this is no guarantee that this will continue in the future.
    - It is impossible to game updates to take when using the PS Jailbreak run, although they can easily be installed via the Blu-Ray.
    - PS Jailbreak disables the forced updates and will never brick the console.
    - Even after the Backup Manager is installed on the PS3, it is still necessary for PS Jailbreak connected and booted correctly to Backup Manager to boot.
    - Works with all games but not backups of BluRay movies, DVD movies and PS2/PS1 games.

    PS JailBreak FAQ:

    Q: Is PS Jailbreak easy to install?
    A: Yes, it's a plug and play solution. This is within 20 seconds fully installed without the console to modify or even opening.

    Q: Will my console permanently modified?
    A: No. Once you Jailbreak removed from the USB port was canceled.

    Q: What is the warranty?
    A: PS Jailbreak is sold with 1 year warranty.

    Q: Works with any PS Jailbreak firmware?
    A: PS Jailbreak is made to work optimally with firmware 3.41. If in the future a new version available, we recommend you first consult our website before you apply this update. The firmware can easily be updated to version 3.41.

    Q: How can I find out what firmware version the PS3 currently has?
    A: Go to Settings -> System Settings -> System Information

    Q: Can Sony PS Jailbreak unusable with a firmware update?
    A: This would be possible, but it is not to say what is here and if Sony can do. The PS Jailbreak is completely up to date. It is made to work with firmware version 3.41. Installing a newer update is at your own risk.

    Q: Can I use any hard drive?
    A: Yes. Currently must be formatted FAT32.

    Q: Where on the hard drive should I place the backups from my pc?
    A: The root of the hard disk.

    Q: can I also make a backup of my Blu-ray movies, PS2 and PS1 games?
    A: No, just PS3 games.

    Q: Can I continue to play online?
    A: Unfortunately we can not guarantee to deliver. It is impossible to say whether Sony can ban you on this basis."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    tripellex Guest
    I'm still waiting to see the X3 and PS3Key in action. Even then, I will only believe the reviews of reputable sites and members, like CJPC, as either the X3 or PS3Key teams could easily take the PSJailbreak PCB and slap it into one of their branded USB housings.

    So before you buy either of those Jailbreaks, wait until you read confirmation news here, verifying their authenticity. Same goes for ANY other clones that may pop up. No one deserves to get screwed out of their hard-earned money by potential shysters.

    Good luck, and happy gaming!

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    Apr 2005
    A few people here said the PS3Key won't arrive until October and believe it's from the WiiKey folks (makes sense based on the name), but that isn't confirmed so the wait goes on I suppose...

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    Mbb Guest
    Thanks for the video's but the music on both video's is really TERRIBLE lol

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    Kiriller Guest
    Ahhh Nice morning fix, thanks! This is what keeps me waking up every morning

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