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Thread: Videos: Play PSOne (PS1) Game Backups on PS3 Super Slim Console

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    Videos: Play PSOne (PS1) Game Backups on PS3 Super Slim Console

    Following up on the recent PS Vita Running PSX / PS1 Games news, today we have a few videos of how to play PSOne (PS1) game backups on an unmodded PS3 Super Slim console via hot-swapping.


    After lots of trial and error i've finally figured out how to play ps1 back ups on my ps3 super slim! its pretty easy just do what i did in the video. I figured this out myself!

    Also from MaXsPoT: Playing PS1 Copy Games on Unmodded PS3 Super Slim - Disk Swap

    Here is a video demonstration of playing copied Crash Bandicoot 3 PS1 game on unmodded PS3 super slim.

    Here's a method of booting a copy of a PS1 game without modding the PS3 Super Slim. Just simple swapping.

    Sorry for the bad quality, there was something wrong with the camera's settings.

    How to do this trick:

    1- You need an original PS1 game that has the same region of the PS3.
    2- A copy PS1 game with the same region as the PS3.
    3- Putting some thing (piece of cardboard) to press the things that make the disk spin without closing the lid.

    All the credit for the method goes to TheHUNTnKILL.

    Just to make things clear, you don't need to switch the CDs while the game is booting, just making the PS3 say "PlayStation Disk Format" and then switching with out starting the game will work.

    Finally, from John Wood (aka szczuru): PSX Game on PS3 with full bios boot sequence.

    Try to compare bios from: dev_flash/ps1emu/ps1_rom.bin with regular PSOne bios Or try use it with PSX emu on PC. Proof:

    After switching dev_flash/ps1emu/ps1_rom.bin with regular PSX bios we have full boot sequence. PSOne Bios in PS2 Bios. PS2 bios in PS3 is located in ps2_netemu.self. Remember to enable dev_blind in mM to write access dev_flash.

    Finally, in related news below is a PSIO Prototype V1.0 Demonstration #1 - Klonoa: Door to Phantomile video:

    From the caption: We are pleased to be able to show a working demo of PSIO. This is a prototype we have been working on for quite some time, and you can see it loading Klonoa: Door to Phantomile successfully. The game is completely playable, but the USB controller IC code we are using has not been optimised yet for speed, and so there are long load times.

    The CD-DA and XA sectors are not implemented yet, but will be soon once we have the code up to speed. Sorry about the low volume and poor video quality. I didn't want to wait 3 hours for the video to render in HD and take forever to be uploaded. Future uploads will be in HD with better audio.

    More videos will follow as we progress, so be sure to subscribe. The PSIO YouTube channel does not allow any ads to be set on the video for your enjoyment. Thanks for watching.

    [imglink=|Videos: Play PSOne (PS1) Game Backups on PS3 Super Slim Console][/imglink]
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    VSPROD Guest
    Nothing new.. You can do this on psOne also.. With this technique you can also play NES games!! (burned .nes file) Try it it should work.. It work on the psOne.. i already tested..


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    Brenza Guest
    I don't understand.. do i have to wait until disc rotation stop by itself or i've to swap the disk whith my finger??

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    tocann Guest
    LOL this reminds me of the PS1 disc swap trick on the PS2 slim.

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    NTA Guest
    Does that still work, or does it have to be a certain kind of slum ps2? I would love to play some ps1 games again.

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    MagicMaster Guest
    ha ha ha guy tried SWAP method on PS3, like a long time ago on PS2 ... Good thinking , man ...

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