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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by victorinox View Post
    sigh~ i get tired of people assuming their way of playing is best. take the trophies for instance...
    My logic is pretty simple, you cheat, you ruin my game, you are a loser to me. And take note, TO ME not everyone else or yourself, TO ME you become a loser if you cheat and ruin my game. Breaking the balance to make it fun for you and not respecting the others is selfish and arrogant.

    I know a lot of people including myself that stop playing if someone starts cheating because the only one having fun is you. You think the others will enjoy your cheap hacks and that getting killed one time after another is fun for us? NO ITS NOT. I really hope that if you get caught cheating you get banned. Cheers.

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    mrgreaper Guest
    Update: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 patch v1.06 (detailed below) is now released!

    First up cheat in single player only games (or the single player parts of games that have multiplayer)... who cares, its your game your not effecting anyone cheat, download save files, hell even i do that on single player games the nly person we are ruining the game for on that is ourselfs, and if were having fun who cares.

    Cheat to get trophies, omg thats just sad, but again who cares it doesnt hurt others so meh.

    Cheat in multiplayer games NOOO *grabs rolled up newspaper and starts bashing people on the head * BAD GAMERS BAD BAD BAD anything that spoils the game for others is a big no no (imagine playing football and one side built a wall in front of thier goal, the other team would be mildly niffed, and the game would be ruined)

    ok people say being level 1 in cod mw2 is no fun and your powerless, this is not true sure the guns from higher up are powerful but the presets are more then enough to kill the holders of them and then you can pick them up!, theres been games i have picked up any gun i have come across just to try it out. lvl 70 is no better then level 1 other then they have put a lot of time into the game, and if you cheat to level 70 they will still seem better then you as they have got there fairly through repeated play.

    i have played two matches where people have hid inside rocks and i couldnt find where to report them to (could a mod update the first post with how to report cheating scum if they know please?) and the match was ruined by these selfish cheating scum.

    i think my point is made clear

    i just turned on COD MW2 and it asked me to patch to 1.06 again a 15meg patch its 0132 here so no idea when the patch actualy went live

    there is an addition playlist item "hardcore Ricochet: HQ pro ; head quaters pro with hardcore Ricochet rules
    players 8-12
    limited hud
    extra bullet damage
    friendly fire is directed back at the shooter

    and team deathmatch express (team death match with shorter time between matches 8-12 players)

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