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Thread: Videos: HaxckODE ODE for PS3 Super Slim 4000 Series Demos

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    Videos: HaxckODE ODE for PS3 Super Slim 4000 Series Demos

    Today some videos surfaced from Haxck ODE / juansbeck hacks demonstrating what appears to be a HaxckODE ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) for the PS3 Super Slim 4000 (4K) series of consoles with details incoming.

    Below are the videos as well as some related information, as follows:
    • Video #1: HaxckODE Jailbreak PS3 Super Slim 4000 Series - this is the haxckODE jailbreak PlayStation 3 Super Slim is the first device that emulates the PS3 hard drive is an internal drive solution storage.
    • Video #2: PlayStation 3 Slim CECH 3001b Programada - This is the programming model of the PS3 cech 3000 and should work the same way on a super slim ps3 the programming for the team juansbeck hybrid is an initial demonstration games version 4.31 running on the latest version as of today console Sony PlayStation 3.

    From haxckode: HaxckODE characteristics far.
    • It is an internal memory device to initiate original hard drive requires an embedded system that decrypts the original hard drive to start and it keeps doing that encryption dump its internal memory of the haxckODE, then act as a mirror to the system accepts as yet maximum storage unit supplanting 16gb original hard disk.
    • No soldering required, connects to the bay hdd via SATA interface is compatible with most ps3 models for FAT requires different hardware for the issue of 1 for such models flash hardware was progress.
    • So far requires the modification data ps3 internal flash1, flash only plays 1 and if it requires welding to the dump and then subsequently modifying and writing, we can initially provide technical details of how access the super slim flash if people required and if it is not already on the Internet.
    • For the installation of the games require connecting the external hard drive to the computer and with a hex editor program to copy games in certain areas without damaging the files at the moment, we are working to make the installation easier through one file managed but not confirmed.
    • Games started from the XMB and must be signed.
    • No glitching.

    From notorious PS3 scene profiteer and spindoctor Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA): Its called haxckODE, but from the video it seems to be hardware that replaces the PS3 internal hard drive, and is demoed on a newer 4K super-slim model, which shows it switching games via the 'themes'. Not much is known, the actual team is still unknown, but from video it looks like its from an Spanish-Speaking country.

    The video goes thru a lot of steps to make itself look like its not fake, from hooking up the wires to TV, to panning around showing you everything, to having the PS3 all stripped down so you can see there is no extra stuff hooked up that is missing from the camera view.

    The video is long, 16 minutes, it first shows you it as a stock PS3 running v4.41 using its own internal HDD, then the 'hacker' replaces the internal HDD with a small blackboard that ends in USB port, and that inturn is connected to another port with usb, power, and another small PCBoard is then plugged into connector, of which then a old HDD is plugged into, which is start of the weird part, it is taped up, and only has power running to it, and a small red/black plug to the rest of the hardware, no direct IDE or SATA cable.

    Then the PS3 is powered back up, and he demos how its still on v4.41, but for some reason the HDD is no longer an 40gb hdd, but only a 16gb drive, so its it running on a flash chip, not an external HDD? - Then he demos how switching the 'theme' gives him a different game to play which he launchs and demos a bit. - There is NO BLU-RAY DRIVE at all in this whole operation, its not even connected, so really calling it an ODE is wrong, its more of an 'theme' exploit to switch games that are stored on the HDD, are they repackaged PSN games? - Why all this 'hardware' if its just an exploit? - Why the small HDD size?

    This video opens up a lot of questions, of course the biggest one is it just a huge very well planned FAKE???

    From Colombian juansbeck (aka juansbeck77) via ELO (roughly translated): I developed the hardware and software to program absolutely every PS3


    I developed the hardware and software to program absolutely all including Super Slim PS3. regardless of the firmware, and make sure that no matter the update to remove PLAYSTATION STORE "works on all PS3".


    All PS3 factory bring internal NOR memory which stores the operating system and / or software exclusive play station and copyright protection but over time has developed many methods on the scene to access the software that this that NOR encrypted through the Teensy / ProgSkeet etc. because this has been the PlayStation 3 hacking and in the past after many attempts and it was almost impossible to believe.

    GeoHot violating found how the play station and gave him the idea to all the sceners of violating the hypervisor as the PlayStation 3 and we all know what happened then, the problem today by which you can install homebrew or homemade software in including Super Slim PS3 is that Sony already long ago realized that taking some regular updates AND REVIEWS OF THE BOARD cech such as 4000xx 3000xx or your operating system running on your product PlayStation 3 or layer cover the installation of homebrew software that allows the execution of backups, many sceners have promised to release free keys to keep creating what they call or custom firmware cfw but we have seen that this has been almost impossible or unsuccessful because until this day no one has posted anything.

    I for one took more than six years working on a vulnerability that I found in his day in the system PSP PlayStation 3 and it cost me not only money but also time which I want to recover and make public the person who wants be part of this story. I wanted to show it to the vulnerability Sony, told them in his time he had found a way to plug the vulnerability but never attended my emails and thought that maybe it was not true because nobody in the world knows me the scene.

    And vulnerability never post that wanted to develop the software that took advantage of that vulnerability "wanted to be the first" I knew that was gonna work but did not have such a simple show that Colombia could demostrales Sony's engineers who had this vulnerability in your system and you'll never guess! Even the Super Slim PlayStation has it

    I come from an underdeveloped country where the R & D does not mean much and to develop some technological prototype tocaria practically make a covenant with the devil [F] I developed for my country and I'm competing in a contest TICS a new console that will run all windows programs running Linux and also all the best games that may exist and miss the prototype and I could not even patent it is hard to see how you have to play for years and years to knock on doors and see that none of opens them, because of this I have come to the conclusion that in order to realize one day that my console "HYBRID" should I be able to sell about exploiting resources I discovered vulnerability in the PlayStation 3 and Sony never wanted to know, to know how Sony cover it .. only if you want to know and if you are willing to donate for it.


    If you are interested to contact me (psjailbreakhub AT you can send me private to make an appointment and talk, you can be the business. Starting on I developed hardware can sell new products, including hardware and software for ps3 slim and including the latest Super Slim is something I take seriously six years of development.

    Conditions for private message AFTER schedule an appointment:

    1. Form a contract of exclusivity, since I'm an R & D where there will be a confidentiality clauses.

    2. With the purpose of taking the console audience "HYBRID" and be part of this story getting 25% of the shares of HYBRID COMPUTERS for when the console patent. Donate 120,000 U.S., you will make the donation, for their safety after I give you all the software and hardware that would allow him to do the impossible in PlayStation 3 and see for yourself what I'm offering you is true, you will make the donation to which it committed when you see that the programming can be done to all PS3 only way you will have the gift.

    3. Be willing to pay the shipping charges or personal appointment, I will not waste time arguing that if the keys publishes free or that what I am saying is a fake. if you want to check is that agendas just a date with me and is a serious commitment, keys will never released and is in the clauses the contract, if the donor wants to publish them and give me credit then that would be another story, gentlemen are 6 years dedicated to the scene! A greeting.

    From PLAYER 1: Well... Here we go... (sorry for my English today)

    1st: This colombian guy named JUAN from Cundinamarca, Bogota, lives (if that is his house) in front of CENTRO COMERCIAL CARIBE in a second floor with his wife (watch the videos and the print in the mirror: "you are my prince... bla, bla") He has a R&D project called HYBRID COMPUTERS. In EOL account his profile "juansbeck" says "California E.U".

    2nd: He worked 6 years based on known data to exploit the PS3. BUT... his goal is to launch a multiconsole system called HYBRID, so he needs money. That money could come after he find a sponsor for the PS3 exploit, 120,000.00.

    3rd: Nobody wanted to financial his work, so he started to sell "programed" SUPERSLIM consoles in the latinamerican e-bay "MERCADOLIBRE".

    March 26 -

    THIS is a newer article offering similar features.

    NOTE that you CANT play online with this console. Check the games.

    4th: NOW he is trying again to make some profit to recover some of the money he put in this work. He released the last video... And... time will tell... Saludos!!!

    Google plus account from second video:

    Story: scener team hybrid
    Introduction: Hello im juansbeck from team hybrid of colombia. Dedicated scener to cracking consoles and games, electronics and hacks.
    Conclusion: juansbeck = hybrid computers = hackode = fake?

    From abatrour: This is fake and I have evidence:

    1: The device he inserts into the ps3 is a sata > esata adapter.
    2: The device he plugs into his ps3 is the E3 Flasher Esata Station (removed from case, you can even see the daughter board with the power/data lights and backup button.
    3: The device he plugs into the e3 Esata station is a sata flash module with an external 3pin power. (not sure which exact model)
    4: The hdd he has in the back is just a dummy hdd, and the tape is covering the molex\sata > 3pin power cable.

    His PS3 is modded and he is simply swapping the hdd while making it look very very complicated. The fact that the hdd is taped up with wires running from in while it is simply a molex > 3pin power cable tells me that this guy is a lying POS. He tries to make it look like he is pulling off data connections from the hdd mobo.

    There is no doubt that both devices are the same, a ripped apart E3 ESata device as seen in the video below:

    FIFA 13 with haxckode on PS3 OFW 4.41 Demo:

    Finally, the store displayed in the video is called Centro Comercial Caribe and the PS3 XMB is in Spanish language this time as well. Whether this is just another ruse from Internet con-artists Max Louarn and Paul Owen to peddle a new for-profit PlayStation 3 device similar to the Cobra and TrueBlue DRM-infected USB dongles under the guise of originating from Spain (instead of France and the UK) in attempt to distance themselves from the heat remains to be seen... be cautious all!

    [imglink=|Videos: HaxckODE ODE for PS3 Super Slim 4000 Series Demos][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Videos: HaxckODE ODE for PS3 Super Slim 4000 Series Demos][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Videos: HaxckODE ODE for PS3 Super Slim 4000 Series Demos][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Is it not a bit late in the ps3 life to make a lot of money from this?

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    Indeed, but when there is an easy way to make money they won't be discouraged from trying.

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    DIVX ODE Dual Boot PS3 100% System Original (2xx, 3xx, 4xx)

    Its nice, if it can work. Some more info.. DIVX ODE Dual Boot PS3 100% System Original (2xx, 3xx, 4xx)

    Unlocking for all verses PS3 - DUAL BOOT comes with 2 System known as COBRA + DIVX ODE ODE!!

    DIVX ODE and Systema makes your Playstation 3 Totally ORIGINAL for you to use in your games backup ONLINE!!

    Ode Cobra comes with the Systema your PS3 Unlocked for playing your BACKUP by its External HD on your Playstation 3 in iso format games, but not only works ONLINE OFFLINE!

    The guy seem that modified manager.iso file it has a manager called Divx ODE on boot along with PSN pkgs. It looks like he put retail PKG files into PS3_EXTRA folder.. and installing GTA 5 PSN pkg and launches as well. So which means the content is purchased and activated.

    From what appears to be the official site (, roughly translated:

    I'm releasing a 2nd version unlocking Divx ODE ja who thought v1 was too caught amim already now anyone will be able to put the games in ISO format and pkgs, so only my unlocking IRAM Running with the games! Well folks I will not talk much about unlocking ja video that shows everything!!

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